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Coming like a nightmare word like I'm gonna go for it
f---in' around and what ya got to show for it?
let it be known that I'm in the zone
and whatever I need I just pick up the phone
'cuz I'm true with it and you're new with it
I just swing the thing and then I'm through with it
I don't need friends to act like foes
'cuz I'm Nick Hexum, the one who knows about things
'cuz it takes two and we swings better than you
then it's time for the dub so we roll out the club
and you know just what I do I'm hitting in the freak mode
puttin' on a load, sippin' on a guinny then lo and behold
una vision girl from bottom to top and I just can't stop
311 show them the air is rarified
but you don't give a damn 'cuz your groove is hellafied
grew up punk, listening to funk
I'm a hyper type of fella that does not touch junk
you're the back of the pack and the bottom of the stack
that's what you get when you're steady talkin' s---
not goin' for self, that s--- is on the shelf
It's '95 and we go for the hive

Listen up this you're gonna bump to this
and if I'm feelin' mean I'm gonna clutch my fist
now when I say mean, I mean I'm gonna rock it
you're gonna find out kid I'm bout to shock it
when I'm on I'm gone I hear the beat that spawns
the way we freak it and we kick up a storm
the day we turn to pop the show will stop
so feel the beat and get lost, now
back to part 2 the hard way we play
Sublime on time to all the fans I'm SA
and if you don't know I say check the show
do what you got to on the dance floor
some say the style is wack but I say f--- that
get the hell back and watch us rock the set
we cast the mold bust it cold explode
megatrendsetters known around the globe
friends takin' you where you never been
we done what we wanted craftin' poems
you can rock there is a glow around you
lose control holmes just like we do
hard to obtain brotha' what's my name
mad to find unlike ya mamma and your masquerade
I drive a mach-1 no dashboard Jesus
I hear voices say that's Doug Martinez

You're all up in my mix like f---in' Betty Crocker
you think you're playing me but actually you're a jocker
you bad mouth me bitch man you givin me juice
it aint nothin' but a party everybody get loose
notice what I don't do when stress steps to me
whatever your complaint so sue me
I say f--- the naysayers and keep goin
gotta do what I gotta do to get the people glowin'
so let everybody gather, the more the better
I represent the traveler, him he's a shredder

At ease with yourself and don't try to please me
I'm just here today then quickly I'm out
on the town one light I'm a glow worm
for several hours wiggle jiggle like I'm a huge sperm
can't appreciate a brothers love of funky music
you think I'm a silly rabbit 'cuz my style has tricks
of the way I feel now I just got to rock it
the music be poppin through me like electric shocks it
I think and blink and I wink but that shits not tiny
'cuz in a blink of an eyelash you will not find me

You're the back of the pack and the bottom of the stack
that's what you get when you're steady talkin' s---
not goin' for self that s--- is on the shelf
'cuz it's '95 and we go for the hive

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    General CommentI've heard this song live once..and up until their last tour I thought I'd never hear it again. I was lucky enough to go to the 3-11 Day show this year....they played this song...and I went crazy. They changed the lyrics a little bit...instead of "it's '95 and we go for the hive.." they said "not '95, still goin for the hive.." But was amazing. This song is so full of energy...just makes you want to get up and jump around.

    As for the meaning of this song.....I think that 'fuck the naysayers' sums up their message pretty well.
    BeautifulDisasteron May 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti agree, this song makes you want to get up and just let go..
    its crazyness, but fun.
    twistedeclipseon June 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song is insane....makes me wanna fight.......or get up and rap like SA
    Soundboyon September 15, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt's justafiable, it's justifiable middle finger stuck up in the air to all the haters, sayin geuss what, listen, it's ovbous were handed the gift, and were not abusing it,

    notice what i dont do is stress step to me,

    when im in the right , i can fight anyone and there will be no emotion involved, because i know im right, so there aint no stress when someones steppin up to nick hexum, not cuz hes a bad ass, but because hes rightously justafiable....
    Radarluvon September 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentCheck out the date! I hate 311!
    hrehocikjon March 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthats cool, i respect your opinion, and you should listen to Anal cunt's 311 sucks. anyway i Love this song, i think its the second best on the cd behind loco. well, there are some quotable rhymes in here and i love the betty crocker part, but listening to it makes me realize its ten years old =0
    stryker311on July 17, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis 1 of my most favorite 311 songs, i saw them open with it, u no how fuckin crazy i went when they did that, i cant get enough of this song when they play it live man, hopefully theyll play it at this years 311 day, o shit its gonna rock
    miTfan3on February 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBadass song! If you have anything other than how badass 311 is then "fuck you"
    Manis777on October 21, 2013   Link

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