"Fat Chance" as written by Nicholas Lofton Hexum, Douglas Vincent Martinez, Chad Ronald Sexton, Aaron Charles Wills and Timothy Jerome Mahoney....
Na na na na na na
Aw yea

I've seen the devil and the devil is coke
Not down like that 'cause it ain't a fuckin joke
Trip the shrooms fantastic
Shit gets drastic
I didn't believe a word

Can you hear this, can you hear rhythm
Make the music soothin' your system
Come on now, come on now
Hear the beat so sweet
I shouldn't tell you how

I'm a freak y'all
I'm a freak y'all
Much love to my man Stan Thomas

Yea, we'd also say like what up to our man,
Eddy Offord

Eddy Offord

You know I'm ready, yes, to rock steady
My name's not Betty or Teddy, but Nick
And I'm what you might call a heretic
Yes, and I am from Nebraska
My girl is satisfied, you can ask her
You know I've never visited Alaska
Huh, where the oil was spilt
That drunken captain should be killed
For polluting the sea, an atrocity
He still walks free, well
This one goes to all the birds that drown
Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down

Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down
Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down
Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down

Just fuck the bullshit, too many damn fears and panic
It's time to throw down and so I said it
Words of wisdom that will keep y'all guessing
'Cause I'm tired of playing and I'm tired of messing around
With all those suckers
Yes, stupid mother fuckers
Who put down what we do
We stand alone with the group that's new
If I was a dwarf, I'd surely be Dopey
I'm a stoned wheat thin you cannot cope G
Kick in the teeth, a condescending frown
Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down

Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down
Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down
Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down

Yeah, right about now, I'd like to turn the mic over to my man, SA Martinez

I am sly in the mix, I am the mix master
Death and destructor, lyric conductor
Rollin' with the rhythm of the rhyme I'm rollin
Cold cap the parasites when I start to spazz
Nicholas hits hard he's got the jazz
Now the B-boys rockin, breakin' moves on the floor
311's stepping out, have 'em yellin for more
Go on hoping, I'm poetry in motion
When I fire, I spray, duck down, I'm locin'
P-Nut, the bass storm is looming
And in your mind, the rhythm is booming
P to the N to the you to the T

Just fuck the has-been's and their stupid-ass rappin'
Promising bullshit you can't come through with
Do it in the basement, no complacent
It's time to kick the fuck in
Begin to win, no sin and then
Share it, declare it in the public domain

I'd be perfectly sad if rap was a fad
But it's not so I'd thought I'd come out with a shot
Stupid dumb lyrics make you think I'm a clown
I don't give a fuck, it's time to throw down

Fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down [Repeat: x4]

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"Fat Chance" as written by Chad Ronald Sexton Aaron Charles Wills

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    General Comment"Fuck the Bullshit," not "Fat Chance," right?
    Aerionon May 31, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think it is indeed called "fat chance". also, 'fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down' is a classic line.
    jelon August 03, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyea this is off the music album...its fat chance
    DrLoveon April 19, 2004   Link
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    General Commentits fat chance on music, but it is fuck the bullshit, they called it Fat Chance because with the intro giving thanks for getting the major label, and how people would say "fat chance" to them on getting one
    Nate Royon January 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentCorrection "I've seen the devil and the devil is coke" ,not cold.
    GitFiddleon March 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentEddie Offord~ Eddie Offord~
    and he was replaced by Ron Saint after two albums.
    311rhcpon March 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've seen the devil and the devil is cold
    I'm not down like that cuz I ain't a f---in joke
    trip the shrooms fantastic, 'n shit gets drastic
    I didn't believe I lived

    As GitFiddle said, it's coke not cold

    Anyways, I read this article that just came out about mushrooms and I instantly thought of those lyrics from the song haha.

    "In 2002, at a Johns Hopkins University laboratory, a business consultant named Dede Osborn took a psychedelic drug as part of a research project.

    She felt like she was taking off. She saw colors. Then it felt like her heart was ripping open."

    Oh yeah, don't do drugs.
    Zenteron July 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti wish they would play this againe at there shows.
    david311freakon August 21, 2009   Link

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