I just set myself up when I fell so hard for you
I thought I was number one when I was really number two
That's when it all changed when you found someone else
You left me far behind
I sure hope you pleased yourself
Now that you've moved on who will help me do the same?
Who will tell me that it's all right and that I'm not the one to blame?
We both know I'm just a runner up in your eyes
But please don't go even though I'm just some second place prize
This one goes out to all those who've heard those lines from that special one you love
Like a Charlie Brown Valentine
Rejection at its best
Even though it feels the worst to hear them start to say any of the lines in this next verse:
"I'm seeing someone else."
"I think we should just be friends."
"I really like you a lot but please don't call me again."
"If we had known each other before things might have changed."
But now I'm number one and number two just isn't the same
It seems to always end the same
Just another rejection game
Another time that I got tossed
I guess that I've lost
When you think that you're counted out or it's time to hang up the gloves
Don't start throwing in the towel
Look for inspiration above
I don't know why I used all the boxing metaphors
It's just another way to say, "Jesus loves you more and more."
Go ahead and go
I'm not a runner up in His eyes
Leave me alone because I'm not your second place prize
Since you stole my heart can you give it back today?
Because you never really cared
You will just throw it all away
Instead I'll give to God what I should have all along
The love that's in my heart
Jesus, to you it all belongs
God's eternal care
Amazing amounts of grace
Unconditional love lifting me out of this low place
Death is not an end
In fact it's just a start of Heaven's eternal life because I've got Jesus in my heart
From Him I will never part
God's only begotten Son
I guess that I've won

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