"The Drapery Falls" as written by and Mikael Lars Akerfeldt....
Please remedy my confusion
And thrust me back to the day
The silence of your seclusion
Brings night into all you say

Pull me down again
And guide me into pain

I'm counting nocturnal hours
Drowned visions in haunted sleep
Faint flickering of your powers
Leaks out to show what you keep

Pull me down again
And guide me into
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah

There is failure inside
This test I can't persist
Kept back by the enigma
No criterias demanded here
Deadly patterns made my wreath
Prosperous in your ways
Pale ghost in the corner
Pouring a caress on your shoulder

Puzzled by shrewd innocence
Runs a thick tide beneath
Ushered into inner graves
Nails bleeding from the struggle
It is the end for the weak at heart
Always the same
A lullaby for the ones who've lost all
Reeling inside
My gleaming eye in your necklace reflects
Stare of primal regrets
You turn your back and you walk away
Never again

Spiralling to the ground below
Like autumn leaves left in the wake to fade away
Waking up to your sound again
And lapse into the ways of misery

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"The Drapery Falls" as written by Mikael Lars Akerfeldt

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The Drapery Falls song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is incredible. It is single-handedly responsible for me finally "getting" Death Metal vocals. I used to stop the song around the five minute mark because I thought they ruined the song, but now I think they're my favourite part. Those power chords and the blood-curdling scream after the first "heavy" verse is just so far beyond epic, it could approach Shakespeare.
    AngryCitizenon September 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDeadly badgers!
    oballon October 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis will be long, sorry. :)

    When I first heard this I always pictured it being from a womans perspective. Wich of course most likely isn't the case, since writers often write from their own experiences.

    But anyways, this gave me a completley diffrent experience and picture of what this song is about. Wich proberly isn't the right one. But still kinda intresting.

    To me this song is about a woman who lives in an abusive relationship. She is together with a man who on the outside looks like your ordanary innocent man that has a good life. ("Prosperous in your ways")

    But he is filled with anger from his failures. Wich has created a very dark passenger/personality.
    This angry sadistic personality sometimes shows, by small outbursts of anger and bad temper.
    ("Faint flickering of your power")

    She tries to live by this persons "rules", to avoid the abuse. But this person has no real reason for the abuse other then his own anger and low self esteem. Comming from repeted short commings and failures in his life.
    His temper is unpredictable. ("Runs a thick tide beneath")
    This anger makes it impossible for her to reason with him, or to please him. Becuse he will always take his anger out on her. ("This test I can't persist")

    The real evil and pain come at night when he beats her and rapes her.

    While laying there night after night withstanding this abuse, being weak hearted and not able to withstand it she shuts down emotionaly to be able to withstand the pain.
    ("It is the end for the weak at heart always the same
    A lullaby for the ones who've lost all reeling inside")

    I picture her laying there while he has his way with her, she sees her own eyes relfect in HIS necklace.

    And when it's finaly over. She feels empty and emotionless. But also at peace.
    She falls asleep only to wake up the next morning to the sound of him.
    And relapse into reality witch is nothing but misery.

    This is most likely not what the song is about, it's just the feeling I got the first time I heard it. And when I read the lyrics I could easly fit them into my interpretation of it all.

    One of my favorite Opeth songs btw.
    ravage01on September 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is by far my favorite Opeth song. After the second "Pull me down again and guide me into..." is probably the most intense part of the song. That part just gives me chills. You know. That static feeling that goes through your entire body. Also "Spiralling to the ground below, like autumn leaves left in the wake to fade (away). Waking up to your sound again, and lapse into the ways of misery." Love that part. This song is incredible.
    Panophobiaon December 13, 2004   Link
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    General CommentLovely song........ thats all I gotta say
    IAmASquirrelon September 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is what got me into Opeth. A truly amazing piece.
    Emmelstoneon April 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYeah definitely about relationships. Being confused by the opposite sex ;-) My gleaming eye in your necklace reflects - stare of primal regrets: Primal regrets being sexual fantasies/urges or the like. Really sad song when you think about it, which just goes to show how effective a song it is.
    simiankolyaon April 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'm not completely sure what this song is about, but damn is it amazing. The best part of the whole song is after the slower part in the middle, and then it gets so hard i juts want to kill something.
    fit4130on December 08, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI actually think it's about a loveless relationship, or a love-hate relationship with barely any communication ("The silence of your seclusion brings night into all you say."). I think Mikael uses the act of making love ("Pull me down again and guide me into pain.") as a metaphor for her dragging him back into the relationship; using sex as a bargaining point or a focal point for a doomed relationship.

    I actually think he possibly dreams of killing her - "My gleaming eye in your necklace reflects, stare of primal regrets. You turn your back and you walk away... never again.
    Spiralling to the ground below, like Autumn leaves left in the wake to fade away."

    Of course, this only is a dream when you take into account the following line; "Waking up to your sound again and lapse into the ways of misery." I think that it's a relationship he can't escape from, with a woman who has made him bitter and spiteful towards her ("Nails bleeding from the struggle, it is the end for the weak at heart.").
    6th_sadistic_sniperon February 06, 2005   Link
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    General Comment'Please remedy my confusion
    And thrust me back to the day'

    Perhaps a once loving relationship gone stale?
    methodlessmanon June 23, 2005   Link

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