Like frozen leaves
We are falling
On to the soil so barren and cold

The rays of sun
No more warming
Our hearts now so cold

Through this field
Of the withered flowers
We go still one more time

The hidden beauty
Forever gone
The river's frozen once again

So came this time
When moonlight blackened my heart…
I can't stand this pain

The chain is broken
It's tearing open my scars…
I want to feel the flame...again

The shine behind
The frozen stream
Reminds me of your eyes

The spark of hope
Still in my heart
Shall dreams become true under the ice?


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The River Flows Frozen song meanings
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    General Commenti think this song is about the guy talking about the girl he loves and that shes rejecting him or that shes dead... but he still has hope to get her to love him back when he says shall dreams become true under the ice
    bastooka_89on June 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so incredible.
    Mr. No Nameon March 17, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthe starts talking abt how life ends in a cold way.. no matter how it just simply ends, and he discribes the dead by saying how they stop feeling and how there are still other mornings to rise but not for them... and ofcourse the girl he loved died or left him ( i think she left him ) u can see that from " the hidden beauty " cause no one can see how beautiful someone is really until u are in love with her...any how.. when he says
    " the river is frozen once again " that means this is not the first time this happened that's why i think she left him....then he talks abt the pain she caused for him and describes it perfectly.... now my favorite part of the song :
    The shine behind
    The frozen stream
    Reminds me of your eyes

    The spark of hope
    Still in my heart
    Shall dreams become true under the ice?

    after the solo he talks about her eyes " the frozen stream " which they are likely blue.... anyhow it's so obvious how much it hurts.... finally the spark of hope he's talking about is the chance that she might come back to him one day.... which is not likely to happen....
    " shall dreams become true under the ice ? " thos os what is called eternal dreams.....

    this is my favorite song and it's defenetly so incredable
    dying soulon April 01, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI love this song, since rivers do flow when they are frozen: under the ice, the river is still flowing.

    In the first verses he is talking about how cold life/love can be, what once seemed good and bright is now past time ("The rays of sun no more warming").
    Yet, though everything seems lost, he will not give up on her and he will keep trying.

    After that has failed, everything seems black, "the river's frozen once again" probably refers to how she puts up walls and fends him off, leaving him with a broken heart.

    He had been rejected before, the scars of those rejections are opening up again, remembering all past pain.

    At the end, he says

    "The spark of hope
    Still in my heart
    Shall dreams become true under the ice?"

    He will still not give up, he can see she is also in pain and he wonders how it would be when her walls are torn down, on the outside it may look frozen, but the riven is still flowing: under the ice...

    Awesome song, I like the transitions between the clean guitar/vocals and the distorted guitar / screams.
    ap0calypseon October 04, 2009   Link

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