Hold my head, we'll trampoline
Finally through the roof (finally through the roof)
Onto somewhere near and far in time
Velouria, her covering
Traveling career (traveling career)
She can really move, oh, Velveteen

My Velouria, my Velouria
Even I'll adore you, my Velouria
Even I'll adore you, my Velouria

Say to me, where have you been?
Finally through the roof (finally through the roof)
And how does lemur skin reflect the sea?

We will wade in the shine of the ever
We will wade in the shine of the ever
We will wade in the tides of the summer, every summer
Every my Velouria, my Velouria

Forevergreen, I know she's here
In California (California)
I can see the tears of Shasta sheen

My Velouria, my Velouria (V-E-L-O-U-R-I-A)
Even I'll adore you, my Velouria (V-E-L-O-U-R-I-A)
Even I'll adore you, my Velouria (V-E-L-O-U-R-I-A
Even I'll adore you, my Velouria (V-E-L-O-U-R-I-A)
Even I'll adore you, my Velouria (V-E-L-O-U-R-I-A)


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Velouria song meanings
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    The song is about a woman. The writer remembers seeing her when driving by Northern California, close to Mt. Shasta. He believes she lives there, maybe under the mountain, because she's somewhat related to the Lemurians, a mythical people who came from the lost continent of Lemuria. In California, there are people who believe the myth in those terms. The thing is, the writer remembers her covered in a kind of velvet-like fabric, like velour or velveteen, maybe due to the cold and snow of Mt. Shasta. The "coat" with her eyes out makes her look like a lemur, which is funny, given the name of her people. A nice pun. The writer wants to give her a name. When "Victoria" comes to mind, he makes the connection to "Velouria, the woman dressed in velour". He also remembers she, somehow, reflected the sea and the snow of Mt. Shasta, even if wearing the velour. Maybe this ability was due to her mysterious (some say "alien-like") origin. When Mt. Shasta in covered in snow and melting, she also reflects the "tears of Shasta". The final touch is, he got intrigued by that woman - after all, she was too exotic to go unnoticed. He can't help but admiring her and thinking about the longest times her story has been recounted. Phew...
    Gargummaon October 29, 2010   Link

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