Life's not been good to you
It's just not fair
You did nothing to deserve it
You did nothing at all
Sit back and watch
It turns from bad to worse
No matter how loud you cry
It always hurts

Boy I'm glad I'm not in your shoes

How could things
Get any worse for you?
You're so fucking alone
How could things
Get any worse for you?
I don't blame you when you piss and moan

Everybody gets
What you should've got
Everybody takes
Your opportunities
Everybody gets
The breaks that belonged to you
Everbody takes
Your just desserts

Life's not been good to you
It's just not fair
I've got some news for you
Nothing is fair
I wish their was a way
To make it all better
I pray for a way
To make you happy
'Cause I'm sick and I'm tired
Of your whining, complaining, pissing and moaning

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    General Comment"Boo Fuckin' who", lol good ending to this song. I have always like it.
    BadReligionGrrrlon July 05, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthah, the ending is great. all in all its saying, we know it sucks to be you, but quit whining.
    go write an emo song about it->
    misanthropyon September 07, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIan McKAye should become a motivational speaker. He and Hank Rollins would get any one off their asses and force them to stop being pussies.
    shadowwiththeeyeson June 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about when shit happens to you, instead of bitching aboout it go get off your lazy ass and do something about it because it's not going to change if you just sit there.
    agnostic soldieron June 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song means so much to me. Ian Mackaye should be a motivational singer, because he sure as hell motivated me to stop whining. Ever since I heard this song I've had this "boo fucking hoo at least you have a roof over your head and food on your plate stop all your fucking whining" attitude. Ever since I heard this song my whining has gone down my 89.69%. No song has ever influenced me more. I can't say how much I love this song. It's changed my life!
    stopwhiningon April 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentBoo-fucking-hoo!

    This song is much more relevent today than it was when Ian penned it! Its all about a kid who is self-absorbed and depressed, totally unable to see things in a positive light. Like many of the punk bands from the era of Minor Threat! Its well documented how much Ian hates emokids...
    SVTristanon November 15, 2009   Link

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