and i resent you
i deceive you too
i reinvent you
and i believe in you
and i defend you
cause you know what to do
i torment you
belief is so untrue
it wont make it easier it wont make it strong
you want it forever you want it so wrong
your breathing in circles
your leaving inside
breaking in pieces it wont ever die
i walk around you
i am the other side
keep things from you
wait until its time
i move so slowly
i am the lowly one
i found in waiting
the deception won
dont pray
on broken wings like broken things need broken strings
on dirty knees like dirty needs breed dirty seeds

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    General CommentThis song makes me think of someone controling the other just to cause them harm and then use them. "I defend you, cause you know what to do" maybe refers to him defending her just to get his barbs that much deeper, creating the illusion that he cares. Then he goes to talk about how she runs around in circles, well 'breathing in circles' the constant hating him and trying to rebel, but then comes crawling back, over and over again.

    "Breaking in peices it wont ever die"
    No matter how much she falls apart she clings to him. The love she has for him will never die. Him talking about moving slowly is the patience needed for such an act. Waiting untill time is probably for whatever goal he has planned, whatever he wants to.. use her for.
    Well anyways, I think it's about total control over someone, tormenting them and having them not being able to leave. Basicly making them a puppet. Leading her down to her knees, baring dirty 'needs' breeding dirty seeds.
    Sangieon September 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwell this song i think is about wanting to leave your faith... like "dont pray" pray=religion well basically he is saying how faith is bull sh*t
    "and i believe in you" meaning he belives at first
    "belief is so untrue" he loses his faith
    "breaking in pieces it wont ever die" religion never dies in the end. no matter how can break it in fact of science.
    "the deception won" here he says that religion is deception and full of lies and people belive in anything thats why its "won"
    "on dirty knees" some religions pray on their knees
    "dirty needs" well this one is about WHAT YOU CANT DO in some religions...
    7rudeboy7on January 01, 2008   Link

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