"The Metro (Berlin cover)" as written by and John Buckner Crawford....
I'm alone, sitting with my broken glass
My four walls follow me through my past
I was on a Paris train
I emerged in London rain
And you waiting there swimming through apologies

I remember searching for the perfect words
I was hoping you might change your mind
I remember the soldier standing next to me
Riding on the metro

I went smiling as you took my hand
So removed we spoke in France
You were passed as shallow word
The years have passed and still a hurt
You were passed as shallow word
Years have passed and still a hurt
I can see it now smiling as I pulled away...

I remember the letter wrinkled in my hand
"I'll love you always" filled my eyes
I remember the night we walked along the Seine
Riding on the metro

I remember a feeling coming over me
The soldier turned, then walked away
I remember hating you for loving me
Riding on the metro

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"Metro" as written by Faber

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The Metro (Berlin cover) song meanings
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    General CommentThe Metro. A famous Paris subway system which is a part of a bigger collection of train/sub systems called the Eurail (which spans over seven European countries and into others last I knew).

    This makes the possibility of "I was on a Paris Train/I emerged in London rain" rather literal, where The Metro refers not to just one train, but that whole system of trains.

    So. This is a story within a story. The singer is sitting, alone, probably at home, remembering the train ride that just took place. Perhaps the same day, probably the day, even a week before. The walls seem to close in on him, he's plagued with memories, strong and vivid. He'd been holding an empty glass in his hand, staring at it, probably squeezing it unconsciously as he remembers. Can't you visualize the glass breaking in his grasp?

    This train ride he's remembering? He gets a call to meet an "old friend", perhaps for coffee or lunch, to talk about old times. This old friend is a lover, someone that he's never really gotten over... and maybe she's at a point in her life where she's contacting old exes and looking for closure (many of us go through that phase).

    "I was on a Paris train/I emerged in London rain/and you were waiting there/swimming through apologies."

    He gets on the Metro in Paris, switches over as necessary, and gets off the train in a damp and rain-ridden London, and there she is, looking as beautiful as ever, probably glowing. Hell, she's probably seeing someone, let's go so far as to say engaged, either way, she's much happier than he's been since she left.

    "Minutes passed with shallows words/Years have passed, and still the hurt."

    They have coffee. He's putting on a brave face there, smiling as she hugs him, even though it probably hurt to touch her again, after so long. They exchange a stiff and superficial conversation, in which she expresses apologies over the way things ended-- which was, apparently, with her saying that she was leaving... him trying to find the right words to make her stay (I imagine him begging, and she still doesn't--that's gotta hurt), and her eventually ending it all with a LETTER for Christ's sake.

    And not just ANY letter-- the infamous "I'll Love You Always" letter. The "This isn't about you, it's about me," letter. Shudder.

    And as he got back on the train at the station, there she was, smiling and waving him off. The train ride on the way back was filled with memories; memories of begging her to stay, memories of the night they walked along the Seine (probably out on one of many hand-holding, star-gazing, every-finger-kissing, This Is My Soul Mate dates).

    The soldier? Literal character. Y'know how those really painful moments seem to have two varieties--where everything is blurred, out of focus-- or where everything is crisp, and painfully detailed? I think this is an example of the latter; lost in memories, he notices everything. The soldier sleeping next to him. An absent piece of paper lying on the floor. A ticket stub tucked into the clip three seats ahead of him. A baby five isles over suckling a blue-and-yellow-striped pacifier.

    The ride's over. The soldier gets up and exits the train. A wisp of engine smoke passes the window; beyond, people coming and going, exiting and climbing aboard. He exits the train, heads back home, and once there? Perhaps he takes this glass out of a cabinet to get something to drink... but he never quite gets there. Memories plague him.

    It's... a really sad song-- to me, it's about not finding closure.


    That line makes me shiver. Sigh. Oh, yeah, I do think this is something that happened, for real (to the person who wrote the original version, or someone she knows). And I could be wrong! Completely! It's just how I envision it.
    precobyteson April 27, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI personally think that he's riding on the metro which has "followed him through his past" meaning that he had many memories of the girl associated to the metro. I think this song was supposed to have been written many years after they broke up, and while riding the same train he used to commute to see her, he suddenly remembered every detail about his lost love.
    zonkeron April 17, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is a cover.
    alphakappasigmaon February 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentno shit asshole. But what I dont know is if this is about a true life event that happened, or just about something that well... I dont know. At first when I heard the song without looking at the lyrics I thought it was about a jewish person boarding the trains on their way to be murdered in the Nazi days. But guess not...
    DownedSystemon February 09, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHa ha ha... BUSTED!!!
    Skunkfishon February 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is a great song, it's on the dracula 200 soundtrack, which is awesome, btw. it's got linkin park, PM5K, system of a down, Disturbed, among others. it kicks @$$!!! :-P but anyway, i thought this song was about a guy hallucinating about his ex on a train in paris (the metro is in paris), or something like that.
    medusaon February 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think he is sitting in a room and is about to commit suicide (broken glass), then he starts hallucinating, he sees the walls approaching him. Then he remembers all the times he spent with her (his lover?) and is angry at himself for being sorry. I'm not sure what the metro has got to do with it, but i thought it was something like 'the metro of his mind'. But this song rulez! If anyone has a better description than this, plz post it! :)
    Toxicon March 05, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI agree with toxic about the suicide, but I thought the rest was liek a flash back of happy memories with his girlfriend/lover/soul mate/etc.
    Hunter hawkon April 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentof course I could just be reading to much into this :-)
    Hunter hawkon April 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentanyone ever hear the trip disco original? try looking into that one.............
    shaggythegothon April 13, 2002   Link

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