If I don't kid myself today
If I don't care about a thing
Would I be light enough to fly
And if I just rid myself
The weight of memories and doubts
Would I be light enough to fly

If the world was flat would you jump off
I think I'd float down like a feather
She lights the stars in the sky
You know, angels can see them clear
Through foul weather

And when the race ends
Will we all fall down
Safe and sound

30 days

As she wakes up
And I'm caught staring again
She asks me
"What did you dream?"

I haven't stopped and isn't this part of it
As we lay rivers where once were streams

And when the race ends
Will we all fall down
Safe and sound

If we lost our way
Would we trade it now
For the way we found
The ground
And how

30 days
30 days
Without the sun
30 days
30 days
Just a little scared of what we might become
And we're home when we're together
Home when we're together
We are home when we're together
Home when we're together
30 days
30 days

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    General CommentI think this song is about a couple giving it another shot together. Perhaps even, they have put a 30 day 'trial' period to see if they can reconcile their relationship.

    In the first verse, the author tries to walk himself through the possible things he might have to change to make make this relationship to work. "If I don't kid myself, if I don't care about a thing, would I be light enough to fly?" If he can prevent himself from dwelling on the couple's past (cheating? fighting? treachery?) and remove the doubts he's had, then, will that be enough to make it successful?

    I think the 30 days as a 'trial' period is reinforced in the lyrics "When the race ends"....He's not sure how this trial period will turn out. Will it be safe and sound? Will they be stronger than ever, due to the trials they've had to face ("If we've lost our way, would we trade it now, for the way we found the ground?").

    SECOND INTERPRETATION: The second verse could be about him getting caught 'whacking' it', as one commenter suggested. This verse could possibly be about a fight over sex that the couple had the night before, which resulted in lots of crying, and thus, staining 'streams' of tears all over the sheets. The male protagonist of the song naturally did not get laid that night. During the night, he is having an erotic dream where he receives the inspiration for this song while getting a bj from his gal in bed next to him He is woken up from this dream while jettisoning his nocturnal emissions and lays down a deluge of semen on the sheets over the previous night's tears ("laying rivers where once were streams.").

    Also, "She lights the stars in the sky" could be the female's own euphemism for pulling the proverbial "Dutch Oven" on her man. As she farts and he tries to escape the sheets, the smell burns his eyes and he realizes that he is at fault for everything in the song, because an "angels can see them clear in foul weather." As his eyes burns, he realizes he must be at fault and no angel, and therefore must undertake the changes needed over the next 30 days to be honest with himself and save the relationship.
    EarthToGregon February 20, 2014   Link

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