"All Friends And Kingdom Come" as written by and David Wyndorf....
Enter now the lions den
It's long past due that we begin
I have longed for you afar
Love sacrifice in my backyard
I have seen beyond my gaze
I have gazed beyond today
And their lust shall build a world
Is what the prophets have to say

In this world where I am king
The atoms roar and strange love sings
All the jewels that one can bring
Mutant rags and big T.V.
Service now, the mushroom boy
Come to me now, by my side
And if you don't want to play
Then I'm afraid you'll have to cry

'Cause I can fry you with my eyes
I can blow you to kingdom come
I can take all the friends away
I've got mushroom clouds in my hands
And a place in my head for you
Better come to the throne today

There's a line inside my head
I dance at night before bed
But I never took the ride
And silo shed, on the other side

Service now, the mushroom boy
Or at lest come to a show
Just one lick upon my thoughts
Or both our worlds will have to go

'Cause I can fry you with my eyes
I can blow you to kingdom come
I can take all the friends away
I've got mushroom clouds in my hands
And a place in my head for you
Better come to the throne today


I'm just not quite right today


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"All Friends and Kingdom Come" as written by David Wyndorf

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    General CommentI'm 99% sure that this is about the zombie comic Evil Ernie by Brian Pulido & Stephen Hughes.
    The 'lions den' would be Clearview Mental Institution, NJ where 18 year old Ernest "Evil Ernie" Fairchild has been a patient under the care of Dr. Price for 5 years since he killed his parents and 35 neighbors.
    He did it all for Lady Death (yeah, that all white chick with big hair, beach-ball sized rack, skimpy lingere) Who promised to love him forever if he killed every living thing on earth. Ernie dreams of overrunning the world with his undead army, and unfortunately, what Ernie dreams, usually comes true. And there are others who have dreamt of what Ernie will do.
    A new Doc, Mary Young, comes to CMI with a radical cure for EE, Neurotech. LD fucks with it an Ernie dies ("It's Impossible!") Reviving a few hours later with the ability to awaken his newly murdered victims, Evil Ernie begins his quest for Megadeath (Megadeth?)
    After a couple of setbacks (including a rocket at point blank range) Ernie's got things in full swing. the U.S. has erected a wall on the west side of the Missippi to contain the "Psycho Plague" where Ernie has declared himself President of the Psychotic States of America.
    Because of an event dubbed the "Pandora Effect" physics have changed giving way to scientific studies of the supernatural. ('the atoms roar and strange love sings')
    'Service now, the Mushroom boy...' When Ernie or one of his "Dead Onez" kills a person that victim becomes part of the "Dead Mind" and also becomes a homicidal zombie. Ernie commands the Dead Mind and can make his subjects do anything he wants or read their minds for whatever he needs. (I forgot to mention that Ernest was Telepathic in life, so in death he's Telepathic with the dead)
    One of Evil Ernie's major goals, though he hadn't reached it when this song was writen, was to launch nukes all over the world starting WWIII ('I've got mushroom clouds in my hands...')
    When Ernie sleeps, he doesn't dream. Instead his consious is transported to LD's Endless Graveyard which later merges with True Hell.
    Most people shrug off Evil Ernie as a pointless violent comic, but those who do read it are usually surprised at how well it's written, with recuring themes of child abuse (if only someone had put a stop to Ernie's parents) and a strong narrative structure.
    Shit this analysis was long wasn't it?
    Suicida42on December 19, 2004   Link

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