My secret garden's not so secret anymore
Run from the house holding my head in my hands
Feeling dejected, feeling like a child might feel
It all seems so absurd
That this should have occurred
My very only secret
And I had to go and leak it!
My secret garden's not so secret anymore!

No, my secret garden's not so secret anymore!
Run through the fields, down to the edge of the water
Can't stay long, here comes the reason why -
She'll catch me if she can,
Take me by the hand
I'll have to keep on running
And I just can't see the fun in
My secret garden not being secret anymore!

It used to be so easy
On days such as these she'd
Search and search for hours
In among the flowers
I loved it! - I loved her!
Play the fool, act so cruel - I loved it!
Read her book, take a look - I loved her!

It all seems so absurd
That this should have occurred
My very only secret
And I had to go and leak it!
My secret garden's not so secret anymore!

By Fistan Majere

Lyrics submitted by Fistan

My Secret Garden song meanings
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    My Interpretation

    the writer is cheating on his girlfriend. I think his "secret garden" is another woman. And he feels dejected and like a child because his affair got found out, and he admitted to it or allowed himself to get caught! (he leaked it). He can't stay long because he'll get caught over his suspicious behavior of sneaking around to see his mistress.

    It was all fun and games cheating on his girlfriend, (i loved it, i loved her) until he got found out.

    lambyiiion August 03, 2011   Link
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    General Comment

    This one is about a guy who is hiding from his feelings on purpose, playing with her. The girl finds out and leaves him.

    xcentricon February 14, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    He used to be happy with her when she didn't know who he really is, despite she distrusted some of his attitudes (she thought "there must be something hidden among all these flowers that he's used to give me") while he pretended to be the naivest man of the world. But he was actually having fun on fooling her with this behaviour ("Play the fool, act so cruel - I loved it! / Read her book, take a look - I loved her!"). But one day she finally discovers the truth about him once and for all and how disappointed she is now! And he's afraid of her reaction and for this reason he runs to far away from her.

    circusjuggleron September 23, 2006   Link

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