I heard a rumour
They travel far
You know what it's like
The way people are
They talk and they talk
Though they don't understand
They'll whisper and whisper
And lie on demand
Please tell me now
I want to know
I have to hear it from your lips
Say it's not so

I heard it on Monday
And I laughed a while
I heard it on Tuesday
I managed to smile
I heard it on Wednesday
My patience was tried
And I heard it on Thursday
And I hurt inside
And I want to know
The depths of your mind
Tell me this whole thing is madness
And we're doing fine

Put your little hand in mine
And believe in love
Put your head on my chest
And breathe love
Breathe love
Breathe love
Breathe love

I heard it from Peter
Who heard it from Paul
Who heard it from someone
I don't know at all
I heard it from Mary
Who heard it from Ruth
Who swore on the Bible
She's telling the truth
I heard it from Simon
Who heard it from James
Confirming with Sarah
That I was to blame
I heard it from Joseph
Who heard it from John
Who said with conviction
That all hope was gone
So I need to know
Your alibis
I need to hear that you love me
Before you say goodbye
Before you say goodbye
Before you say goodbye
Before you say goodbye

Ha, ooh, ooh
Ha, ooh, ooh
Ha, ooh, ooh
Ha, ooh, ooh

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Breathe Lyrics as written by Martin Gore

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Breathe song meanings
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    General Comment
    I agree with Picci about the religious influence of the song, DM is known for that. This can also be applied to a dying relationship, where there's no communication. The other person tells everybody else about his/her feelings, but fails to tell the person that really cares.
    DMBLISSon March 01, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    Go Go Power Bible Bashing Team Avengers!!! Oh... Dear...
    xdvron February 13, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    The cry of despair Martin sings at the end of this song is absolutely beautiful...
    Cam-winon April 01, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    Particularly meaningful is the accuracy used in portraying Jesus' humanity ("say it's not so") and His friendship to Judas, while not shadowing His deity ("before you say goodbye"), and His knowledge of the incoming passion and sacrifice. While everyone was starting to say (including Peter), "all hope was gone", Jesus just called Judas "friend" (Mt 26, 50) for the last time, slightly before his betrayal, and marched peacefully towards death. "He needs to hear that we love Him". What is, right now, our alibis?
    piccion January 31, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    First thing that came to mind when I heard this song.... DRAMA
    ThoR294on March 26, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! picci must be high or something....this song is very direct...boy hears hears rumor about girlfriend, asks girlfriend whether it is true or not, finds out it is true, asks if she ever loved him to put his heart at ease...The ONLY Biblical reference is that all the names are Biblical. In addition, JUDAS WAS NOT BLESSED BY JESUS!!!!! The Judas gospel conflicts with the rest of the Bible, IT IS NOT INSPIRED WORD!!! The Bible prophecies, when fulfilled, do not make those who fulfill it good....the Bible also foretold that Satan would mislead the masses, should we assume that because he was needed to fulfill a prophecy that iit was not his fault? NO....lies are quite easy to write....for example, "my hair is white". Now, wouldn't have known if that was a lie or truth unless i told u, similarly the Judas 'gospel' was a pack of lies spread by haters of Jesus... Why is believeing what I just said harder to believe than the 'gospel' itself which is in total conflict with the rest of the Bible?
    interpolarityon August 17, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    I was not even remotely thinking about the "Judas gospel" or any non-Canonic texts. First, like DMBLISS noted, DM songs are exceptionally rich because their level of meaning happens on many planes at once. I never read "Breathe" in the way of a generic relationship, but now you showed me it works fine this way as well. The song is a deep human reflection. My evaluation wished simply to underline the complex struggle within Judas (as with every human being), which is treated nonetheless as a friend by Jesus, even when he betrays. Basically, Judas and Peter fall in a similar way (although Judas' betrayal is worse), but Peter manages to repent and trust in mercy and forgiveness, while Judas, furtherly discouraged by the priests, embraces desperation. Despite interpolarity's 'narrow' reading, no one can assume for certain a person's final judgement (including Judas). On this topic, which is very rich, there are many songs which probably people have never read in their religious aspects, like "It's no Good", "Barrel Of A Gun", "Surrender", "Nothing's Impossible", and above all "Never Let Me Down Again". Ultimately, DMBLISS is absolutely right, since DM songs involving a religious reflection are always applicable to a concrete situation of a human relationship. We are called to live as we believe, and live for love.
    piccion October 20, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    "Despite interpolarity's 'narrow' reading, no one can assume for certain a person's final judgment (including Judas)." Unless the Bible says so....John 13:2 The Devil put something into his heart, and with full knowledge he committed the sin, and that is the unforgivable sin (Matt. 12:32) Look it up in your Bible, and come back to me if you think I am wrong....
    interpolarityon December 22, 2006   Link
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    My Opinion
    I don't think it's about Jesus as many said here. There are some biblical references in the names and in the days of the week, but Martin Gore likes playing with those references in most Depeche Mode's texts. Then, if really this song is about Jesus, why is Paul mentioned? He became christian after Jesus' death, he didn't know him at all.
    Masettoon December 23, 2015   Link

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