Pull you down now

Knees knelt, I got my arms open wide
I got the shades turned, so the colors die
No, don't hold too tight to the reel
Cause it's a big one boy
Its' gonna pull you down now
Pull you down now

No, the cook can't look
No, the cook can't look
No, no cause he's keeping his eye on the kettle

In deed he will be around
When you or you or you feel the need to feel
Pull you down now

Well I live more than what you'll ever know
But I'll give you more than what I'll ever show
I live more than what you'll ever know
And I give you more that what I'll ever show

More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show
More than I'll ever show

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Pull Lyrics as written by Christopher Thorn Brad Smith

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    My InterpretationI'm pretty sure this song is MOSTLY about heroin addiction along with addiction period. The cook keeping his eyes on the kettle is definitely a heroin reference. So is the entire first part of the song. A lot of Blind Melon's later work is about addiction.
    KristchinDMunkyon January 30, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt is about being overwhelmed by life, or a drug experience- and seeing through it.
    It is like realizing that being short on rent isnt going to kill you, or taking acid and seeing your dead uncle and elvis is an experience to be taken in and seen for what it is...a hallucination. If you get caught up in these things you will either waste your time or miss the point.
    Bellyfull of Swanson January 14, 2005   Link
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    General Commentits simple...dont get cuaght up in the stoopid shit life throws at you.
    dont let it "pull you down" and if you dont let it pull you..then you can really live.

    good messege
    GypsyRoseon March 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree that the song refers to something overwhelming, but I think Hoon is too vague in this song to conclude that he is specifically referring to one thing or another. I would assume heroine is the leitmotif of this song. The last lines of the song may be a discussion between him and an heroine incarnate. Or perhaps he is explaining his contribution to a relationship between him and a loved one.
    nintiesrockon July 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI'd say LSD, "don't hold too tight to the real", letting go and what not while tripping, colors dyeing.

    The second verse refers to LSD manufacture, "no the cook can't look, no can't look, 'cause he's keeping his eye on the kettle", the cook/chemist can't use LSD because he must be distinguished and legitimate.

    "Indeed he will be around when you, or you, feel the need to feel", reassuring the listener that the chemist will continue to manufacture LSD, happen you wish to indulge in the psychedelic headspace.

    The final verse and conclusion, "I've lived more than what you'll ever know", is quiet obviously an acid head or heavy psychedelic user explaining tripping balls humbles you are blows your mind. Acid heads tend to be rather spiritual and selfless individuals, being compassionate towards others desiring "peace and love", and what not, "and I'll give you more than what I'll ever show".

    I also feel that the rather violent repetitions of the final line of lyrics is somewhat associated with the difficulty that can come from trying to attain the beliefs of an acid head. Expressing this struggle with progressively louder and emotional vocals.
    0rusnjoson July 07, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIn the book Brad said this is about a fishing trip they took. And a little about drugs.
    StarvingSoundon May 24, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionThe lines about "the cook that can't look", but who "will be around when you feel the need to feel" make it kind of clear that's it's about drug abuse. "When you feel the need to feel"..is when you're out of drugs and need to feel something by getting high again.
    As for the "Well I live more than what you'll ever know / But I'll give you more than what I'll ever show", it could easily mean that even though a drug addict, he does live a life in spite of the appearances (a looked down junkie), and though he seems to be caught up in the drugs, he is able to give much to his loved ones, even if it doesn't show that much or that it won't be acknowledged by his loved ones... It sounds pretty much like about being trapped in a drug world that people can't understand the user, and he could be saying that he does have feelings, and cares about the people around him..
    blacksoulchoiron November 16, 2015   Link

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