"Superman" as written by John Feldmann and Justin Taylor....
So here I am, doing everything I can
Holding on to what I am
Pretending I'm a superman
I'm trying to keep, the ground on my feet
Seems the world is falling down around me
The night's are long, I'm singing this song
Trying to make the answer's more a maybe
And I'm so confused, about what to do
Sometimes I want to throw it all away
So here I am, growing older all the time,
Looking older all the time,
Feeling younger in my mind
So here I am, doing everything I can
Holding on to what I have
Pretending I'm a superman
I'm trying to sleep,
I lost count of sheep,
My mind is racing faster every minute
What could I do more,
Yeah, I'm really not sure
I don't want to run in circles but I can't quit
And I'm so confused
I've got a lot to do
Sometimes I want to throw it all away
Controlling everything inside
Feeling weak I don't feel right
Telling me I have to change
Telling me to act my age
But if all that I can do
Is to sit and watch time go
Then I'll have to say goodbye
And I'll be sure to watch time fly, to watch it fly-hy-hy
So here I am,
Growing older all the time,
Looking older all the time,
Feeling younger in my mind
Here I am, doing everything I can
Holding on to what I am,
Pretending I'm a superman

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"Superman" as written by Giorgio Vanni Massimo Longhi

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    General CommentSeewa's pretty much got it.

    He's trying to hold on to what he is, and its taking a superhuman effort to do it. He's trying to keep himself grounded in his own reality but the world around him keeps pushing him to change and grow up, hence his world is "falling down around" him. His previous notions aren't valid anymore and he's trying to find out what exactly is real and he's torn between his world and the "mature one" ("I'm singing this song/ to try and make the answers/ more than maybe")

    "and I'm so confused..."

    the refrain is basically saying that he's so torn between it, doesn't know what he's supposed to do about it that its enough to make him wanna "throw it all away", or kill himself.

    "So here I am..."

    He's growing older, looking older, but he's still acting like a kid, and he sees his attitude as making him mentally "younger" all the time compared to those around him.

    "I'm trying to sleep..."

    Its making his brain basically rev, all he can think about is his dilemma as he vacillates between the two worlds (running circles). He doesn't know what else he can do above what he's already doing and what he already is because he doesn't have a problem with who he is, but apparently others do.

    "Controlling everything in sight"

    This is where he makes up his mind, after he realizes that people telling him to change and act his age make him sick, he basically gives a big FUCK YOU to everyone and says "I'm staying right where I'm at, screw growing older". He finishes with a decisive "if all that I can do/ is just sit and watch time go/ then I'll have to say goodbye / life's too short to watch it fly." which is pretty obvious, but basically "I don't wanna grow up and just watch life pass me by at a 9-5 job, and if that's my only option I'd rather die"

    The repeat of the opening lines here is fairly significant as well... in the beginning its kind of a "I'm so confused" statement, he's trying desperately to hold on to what he has in the face of everything trying to control him, now he's basically saying "I'm gonna hold on to what I am and fuck you if you try and take it away". Same words, slightly different meaning after the decision.

    I love this song, it parallels my own life and thoughts in so many ways.
    DumberDrummeron April 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNah man, it's got nothing to do with a relationship.

    It's about how the world is pushing you to grow up too fast. He's trying to hold on to what he has now, which is his youth and freedom, but everyone around him is telling him to change and act his age.

    And like almost everyone else here, I got into this song from THPS. I still know all the words to it from nearly 10 years ago.
    Seewaon March 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI used to play Tony Hawk all the time when I was like 10 or 11. I can't listen to this song without shaking the feeling that I'm playing the game. Anyways, I dig this song, and Goldfinger. I don't mean to start a whole new debate, but can't we all just agree that Offspring sucks? At least their latest stuff anyways?
    DemonHunteron May 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentBEST SONG ON TONK HAWK 1 SUPERNINTENTO, brings back memories.
    drummerpenguinon February 16, 2010   Link
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    General Commentisn't this song on one of those skater boy games? Tony Hawk, or something? *lol* it's so familiar...
    cailinon January 05, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYep man! this song was in tony hawk's pro skater, it is from "hang-ups".
    BURGLAR KINGon January 24, 2002   Link
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    General Commentisnt it on dave mirra bmx 2 also? and its on a movie but i cant remember what movie. i was just trying to think of it. tommy boy? i cant remember but i seen it recently
    sykoskiton February 22, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthey yo! this song was in all that stuff and it was in the movie Kingpin which is also a tite movie
    Jimmy2toneon March 10, 2002   Link
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    General Commentcool song
    Biggeston April 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI got the Tony Hawk's soundreack recently, it rocks :-)
    AgentGabbiton April 18, 2002   Link

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