"Abominations Of Those Virtuous" as written by and Nathan Gray Rob Avery....
We rely on subtle points
And stabs at biting humor
To reveal our tired roles
Of slave and domination

Who did you enlighten today
Humiliate to sell your point of view
Create an image for mass consumption
Insecurity as intellect

See your soul
In your eyes
Hope your trophies
Will not mind

I'm sick of this grain of salt
That I must take you with
I want to lash out but I bite my lip
The talk gets older and the lines get stale
Your chance at godliness has already failed

You can't deny
Your thirst and drive
For your time
In the spotlight

Are you so damned sure that you shut your friends out
I have learned to shut out every hateful word

You'll never
See the friends you've lost
From behind your transparent mask

I haven't grown to hate you
I've just grown to forget you
You label me class rank and station
Your intellectual masturbation
You're absolutely intoxicated
By your own mouth running in circles
Your tongue always tends to lose it
Every chance you get you abuse it
You now have spent a lifetime
Killing time

I'm sick and tired of your reaction
Why don't you shut the fuck up

When you discover
Just how easy
It is to impress
Without demanding
All the attention
For no reason
Maybe you'll believe me

Your own will to power has come back to haunt you

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"The Abominations of Those Virtuous" as written by Joshua Latshaw Charles W. Istvan


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    General CommentIn a way, this song has the same idea as Rottin Apple by Strung Out.
    walking-catastropheon July 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commentusing intellect and still managing to be so scathing... kick ass in my book.
    rebelwithoutacluexoon July 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAnother awesome song with only 3 posts. Amazing. But I think this song is about the way that bands, and not only bands but, the way that they try to instill thoughts into peoples minds. " Who did you enlighten today? Humiliate to sell your point of view Create an image for mass consumption... Your chance at godliness has already failed " I also think it sorta suggests that people use social intellect to place themselves higher on the social pedestal, when in fact " Why don't you shut the fuck up " Someone else put some thoughts up. Awesome song.

    Bamargeraon August 31, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwhats up. i decided to look up what abominations meant. then i thought of this song and looked up virtuous. abominations are things that are disgusting or bad in anyones eyes. abuse, bragging, stealing, whatever. those virtuous are people of moral excellance. so the title is saying the dirty things of those who are perfect (for lack of better words). the whole song is basically about anyone who hurts others to get ahead as in the line "humiliate to sell your point of view". and the line "see your soul in your eyes, hope your trophies will not mind" is just telling that person to look at who they are and what they did to others to get those awards, trophies, achievements, whatever. i hope this is getting the point across, im not good with words, so forgive me. but this is just my opinion. its always funny when you "sing" a song to someone thinking that the song is about them, but when you turn it around and apply it to yourself......more often than not, you can apply it to you even better than anyone else. i learned that with this song. nathan grey lyrical, in my eyes, is a lyrical genious.
    jblove117on December 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI have to agree with blove on this one, personally I was a lead singer in a band too, I've never looked at it as a spotlight thing though, in fact I have stagefright for anything else, the whole point for me was that playing music is something I enjoy, and getting a message across seems to be fairly important in a society that tends to like to close its eyes.

    I have to admit, this song did make me reflect on myself in that regard, anything that makes you question yourself is good, if you're wrong, change if you can, if you're right, you've reinforced yourself. I don't think this is about all bands, I got the feeling its about a specific person, with a message that applies to many. I hope not me, but we're all horribly fallible.
    Avaranton January 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commentone of the best vocal preformances ever. i never though id say this, but this song doesnt need music.
    DarkerShadeofWinteron April 24, 2005   Link

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