"Chartsengrafs" as written by and J Lytle....
Yeah, I traded laughs,
in for charstengrafs.
But all of that is only fun,
until evening comes.
Your guess is as good as mine,
as to just what kind.
Of trouble I might find,
tonight out of my mind.
My mind...

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"Chartsengrafs" as written by Jason Lytle


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    General Comment" Yeah I traded laughs
    In for chartsengrafs
    But all of that's only fun
    Until evening comes "

    These four lines indicate to me that some business person has spent so much of his life studying and working towards a goal he really doesn’t enjoy life outside of working hours because he's lonely (or something). In lieu of the boredom, he loses his mind by night.. How I’m not really sure! But maybe the depressing lifestyle he lives drives him to do crazy things by night!
    leonperkinon October 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentPerhaps it's an after-the-fact title song to the movie Falling Down...
    twomartinison February 17, 2005   Link
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    General Comment@SCRMNGR - no such thing as reading too much into a song...

    The beauty of music is how it affects everyone differently, how our experiences shape how we perceive everything around us... how we can get completely different images from the same song...

    Something Grandaddy (J.L.) does *extremely* well is crafting lyrics that can be so widely interpreted, which is why I love them !
    grenon May 03, 2015   Link
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    General CommentA geek that tries drugs for the first time aged thirty?
    benfoldsfanon May 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentLOL maybe...I always thought it was about an accountant type who has walked down this road that other people have paved for him and then he takes another route and he has no idea where its going to take him, only its going to be interesting (am i looking into this too much?)
    SCRMNGRon May 07, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. In the beginning he also says:

    "Birds come, then they go."

    I agree with the notion that it's about someone who trades good times and carelessness in for 9 to 5 type seriousness and then is disappointed.
    Relapseron January 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYes Relapser. He's become the geek, he hasn't moved away from being the geek. And the trouble he finds at night is some outrageous pastime like staying up until 11!
    Dick Realon September 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentLol, when someone said about doing drugs it made me think of Belladonna (deadly nightshade). When you ingest it in the right quantity, it produces some fairly trippy effects. I'm sure it's not the original intention of the song, but the whole thing sounds like a Belladonna trip. First we hear him tramping through woodland (where he found the Belladonna?) and he says 'birds come, then they go'. This is pretty interesting as one of the things that is common at the start of a belladonna trip is that things pop in and out of existence. It's as if once you stop paying attention to something, it will just disappear. And if you want to talk someone, hey presto! A person will be conjured for your amusement.

    Then it like just before the real stuff begins, he has a bit of a moment of reflection about his life and how he finally is letting go, then as he sings 'my mind' he starts really feeling it until you're left with that wicked synth when he's tripping his balls off if you'll pardon my french :)

    Like I said, probably not the original meaning of the song, but it works well and it made me laugh :D
    poweroutageon July 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTo me it seems like this is saying that he stopped fooling around (laughs) because he found that unfulfilling, only a numbing agent (until the evening), but found that either way he had to confront himself.
    Jateon April 05, 2015   Link

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