My inspiration note
the sympathy
They've taken everything you want and they
left you all alone

My setting sun, self appointed,
I am a fraud
You are the martyr
It's decided and I owe you several worlds
I can tell you...

Rat in the sewer, scraps they left behind
Once their visionary, and they all have robbed you blind
Your broken records playing for
None fabricate song
Amputated creative tongue
You sing on and on and on
I can tell you why

I'm bringing you down,
calling you out,
taking your shield
It's easier now
Years have been kind
Distance between
has given hind sight
I jumped a train

Your tragedy so easy to read,
is bitter envy
They're reaping all the lowly benefits
You missed the train they stole
and you've never...

I'm burning you down,
calling you out,
taking your shield
It's easier now
Years have been kind
Distance between has given hind sight
I'm on a train.

Lyrics submitted by Sk{A}narchy_Punk

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    lagwagon rool, this song roolz.

    colloon June 19, 2002   Link
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    great song, sort of sounds like someone or a band who had sold out, "amputated creative tongue", and how in the end they wound up broke, to "sing on and on on" for someone who "robbed you blind".. thats just what it seems like to me though

    Napoleon Soloon July 04, 2003   Link
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    I agree ... the lyricist seems to have a lot of respect for the individual who's now the "scraps they've left behind" ... probably this person was once a source of inspiration or creativity for the other band members, but was sucked dry and left blowing in the breeze while the rest of them "jumped a train" to fame and success. It sounds to me almost like an apology to an old friend/band member; who is envious of how well the rest of them have done. The writer has had some time reflect on how this guy was treated ("distance between has given hind sight"), and he's realized this guy has been left in the gutter while "I'm on a train" to the good life

    Judo_yehhon December 17, 2004   Link
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    I think maybe that the "train" is like a metaphor for a journey. It starts of slow, gets faster and more exciting with so many new people and places. In the end it all comes to a dead stop and everyone empties the train. But yes, i also agree judo, somebody was robbed of their "creative tounge" for the sake of others.

    wotsthatpunkysmellon April 11, 2005   Link
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    I thought that it was more about using someone that you cared about. "I'm burning you down, calling you out, taking your shield" and the train being riden could possibly be the person being used..

    tommygeeon April 25, 2008   Link

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