"Geek U.S.A." as written by and William Patrick Corgan....
Lover, lover let's pretend
We're born as innocents
Cast into the world
With apple eyes

To wish wish dangerous
My dear delirious
To try and leave
The rest of us behind

Shot full of diamonds
And a million years
The disappointed disappear
Like they were never here

Kiss kiss all of this
The hiss that we had miss
And understand what can't be understood

Sear those thoughts of me
Alone and unhappy
I never liked me anyway

If by chance
Or circumstance
We should fail
Don't be so sad

Shot full of diamonds
And a million years
The disappointed disappear
Like they were never here

In a dream
We are connected
Siamese twins
At the wrist

And then I knew we'd been forsaken
Expelled from paradise
I can't believe them
When they say that it's alright

Words can't define what I feel inside
Who needs them?
Caught with this virus of my mind
I give in to my disease, of my needs
To my disease, of my needs

She really loves to break
Her dad says it's OK
She really loves to break
And give it all away

Her ma says she's afraid
What more can she fake
She really needs to break
And give herself away

She gave it all away
She gave it all away
She gave it all away
We really love the USA

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"Geek U.S.A. (Live 93)" as written by William Patrick Corgan

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    General CommentI don't know what this song is about. I thought that I'd read that it was about drugs somewhere (imagine that), but if it wasn't here, then I don't know where. The basic idea was diamonds=cocaine, I believe.

    I can't help but notice the Adam & Eve storyline, though.

    It would seem that the song could be about the fall of man and how a million years later, society pretends that we're not sinners and haven't done anything wrong. We've created our own paradise with riches and diamonds.

    It's a bizarre connection, but I think that the Adam & Eve references are there for some reason. And the whole Siamese Dream part seems to be a reference to him being connected to the wrongdoings of his lover, similar to Adam and Eve both being booted from Paradise when Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Of course, Adam ate the apple, too.

    I don't know. Anyone want to expand upon the whole Adam & Eve thing? The geek perspective doesn't seem to be supported much by the lyrics, in my opinion.
    drosson February 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt may just be that I've gone to Catholic school for 13 years and they pound this stuff into our skulls, but I immediately noticed the Creation, loss of innocence, original sin theme. Like dross said. Only, I think he was showing disbelief that Christians can actually accept that they are forever barred from paradise and are marked from birth.....and then Billy just goes into a few terrific verses about self-loathing......isn't it crazy that the same man who wrote Zero also started Zwan? Two totally different ends of the spiritual spectrum.
    ahartlineon December 23, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"rawk..."
    rieveon October 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI can not get enough of this song! I can't believe they left it off the Greatest Hits CD!
    Skaman2on December 02, 2001   Link
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    General Commentthis is the 1st time ive read the lyrics, i thought i knew what this was about, but i was way off...maybe i should listen to the words more...
    i do have the dvd, i love the very beginning when Iha is giving the clowns a pep talk. he has kind of a weird vioce. its thick and ...um...chewy...if that makes sense. No? ok.
    its hilarious when the clowns start to hump each other.

    has anyone else noticed that on Billy's guitar it says "I love my mommy"? maybe the song is about her...maybe it was on it in An Ode to No One...gawd, im so high.
    that kissyface clown is fuckin hot. lmao
    IcaRimeson February 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGEEKS UNITE!

    I think its about detachment in modrn families
    Dressed2Depresson September 06, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about how a chick turned from being an innocent girl to a more corrupted young adult/drug user. If you read the lyrics thinking like that, you will see what I mean...

    I always thought the last line was sarcastic because of how so many young people are ruined by America's drug problem.

    DeLaMeron July 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwell, i am heartbroken, and this just sounds like the soundtrack to my life right now, wahhhhhhh
    aquagrrl84on October 22, 2001   Link
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    General CommentHas anyone else seen the live version of this on the Greatest Hits DVD? It's hilarious. The band is playing with a group of clowns, amd at the point in the song when the music slows, they all start moving around slowly and acting spooky.
    Crocon May 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwell, i think it's about a couple that just broke up and i love the line "in a dream, we were siamese twins, connected at the wrist..." which means...they were almost like, holding hands and "to wish,wishh is dangerous, my dear delerious..." she was a little crazy to try and wish for something...?
    rockstar001on May 09, 2002   Link

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