"Thrift Store Chair" as written by Art Alexakis, Craig Montoya and Greg Eklund....
Baby go to bed
And put out the light
We both know
If we talk anymore
We are going to end up
In a great big fight

You can have your way again
Yeah you believe
What you want to believe

You can walk all over me tomorrow
But tonight
Can't we just pretend to sleep

I think we're headed for a big fall
I think we're headed for a bad time

I'm going to go downstairs
And sit in that chair you like

I want to put a John Prine record on
Yes I need to slow down for awhile

Yeah I wish we had never bought
A king size bed

The only damn thing
That it's ever been good for
Is plenty room for the real good sex

I lay in bed in the dark
And all that I can see
Is the distance that grows between us
You seem so far from me

Yes I think we are headed for a real big fall
I think we are headed for a bad time

I'm going to go downstairs
I'm gong to sit by myself
All alone in the middle of the night

I'm going to put a John Prine record on
I think we need to slow down for awhile

I'm going to go downstairs
Smoke cigarettes
In that thrift store chair you like

I'm gonna put a John Prine record on
I think we need to slow down for awhile

We need to slow down for awhile

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"Thrift Store Chair" as written by Craig Montoya Art Alexakis

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    General CommentI like this song a lot. It's a very sad realization that a relationship isn't working out quite how he wants it to. I like the imagery of the king-size bed actually keeping them apart. The thrift store chair he sits in alone is the symbol of their past. They have come into some amount of success, and from that they bought the bed, thinking it would afford luxury. Instead, happiness exists only in their less prosperous past. Such a beautiful, sad story.
    LittleBriddieon April 14, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI cannot believe this has ONE comment. ONE. At least that one comment is worthy. This is my favourite Everclear song, even though it only goes for two minutes. Ahhhhh. It's pretty straight-forward. It seems he has come to the realization that he's become helpless to the situation so he's just gonna sit in the thrift store chair. I can visualise the situation of him smoking in the chair in the backyard.
    klson April 03, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe great thing about the band everclear is how in tune art alexakis is to the song that it actually portrays his emotions in every aspect of every detail. if the song is meant to reflect on better times, it makes you feel exactly that, as if the chords themselves trigger the better memories of the past. at the same time, most of his songs about his depressions due to drug addictions admittedly give the best experiences listening when high. he has a true talent to take you away from life, take you away from the "everyday occurrences that make you feel like letting go" and that "everything will be alright". kls had a great point," i can visualize...him smoking in the chair in the backyard". the thing is, art uses specific details, such relatable details, that make you feel as though you are in this song, as though you're in the room, watching him, feeling how he felt, going through what he went through when he was writing this song. just the fact that he's gone through so much and loved more than a lot will ever know, just being so swept up in the hurt and pain that all he can ever want is for no one else to go through the same, especially his daughter. I’ve never been in this situation, but listening to this song makes me feel like I just had a big fight, just need breathing room, and yet that sickening feeling that it might possibly be the end of the best thing in your life. That realization that its over and no way to stop it. its almost heartbreaking.
    umbrelladrinkson July 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis album has the best lyrics of any album I have bot over the past 20 maybe 30 years.

    It tells the story of a breakup of a marriage. It actually is a concept album.

    American Movie could be my favorite album of last decade. I hated it at first but as time went on I began to appreciate its magnificance.
    JamesLoveon December 11, 2010   Link

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