Words can't do justice to pain. Seems like they can't feel a thing. Ordinary people do fucked-up things when fucked-up things become ordinary. I can't promise utopia or a better world. I have no clever lures. No harsh punishment if you don't bite the hook. It's a world of shit or bust. There's no escape from disappointment. When you commit heart and soul to earning your place, someone else will have to cheer you on. What are you capable of? You can be the one to string them up and beat them to death. When you cut the bodies down, you'll see the face of your failure and shame. This is a world of professional liars: a bleating chorus of tempered truths, who like pealing church-bells echo its' virtues sung over and over and over again. Rotting at the bottom is better than living as a fool. I can't find the meaning in the great achievement. When you commit heart and soul to earning your place, opportunity kills common sense.

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Ordinary People Do Fucked-Up Things When Fucked-Up Things Become Ordinary song meanings
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    hampuson August 29, 2005   Link
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    General Commenttoo many people say they care just because its popular. too many people would lead a revolution just for the attention. this is kind of a similar message to the scene in orwell's 1984 where the main character and his girlfriend (dont remember the names) are being told about the network and how they will never reap the benefits of their actions and they must do it knowing that it is for the good of humanity not for themselves. it is saying that fighting the system shouldnt be for glamour or popularity, it should be for real change. a true revolutionary is selfless.
    Depth Sunon April 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI don't know if it's specifically about the Rwanda Genocide but it definitely follows the general idea. In the 1994 Genocide, there were two "races" of people, the Tutsis and the Hutus. The difference between them was height or something, something insignificant - but Colonial studies started stating that the Tutsis must have come from Europe. It formed a split and they started stating their "race" on their ID cards.

    Anyway, in the Genocide the Hutus were trying to rid the world completely of Tutsis. A local radio station encouraged everybody, to pick up a machete and start killing Tutsis, belting ideas of "it's us or them". Normal villagers killed their neighbours. Hence, ordinary people doing fucked up things when fucked up things become ordinary.
    Hillatioon June 20, 2009   Link

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