Stop playin' with 'em, RIOT

[Chorus: Ice Spice]
A baddie gon' get what she like (Grrah)
So what's your sign? 'Cause I like you (Like)
Got a place we can stay for the night
But I'm too shy to invite you (Grrah)
You got a gangsta vibe (Vibe)
And I want a gangsta boo (Boo)
One of a dangerous kind (Grrah)
I'm tryna see how a gangsta move

[Verse 1: Ice Spice]
He never worry 'bout no exes
All on my body, I'm the bestest
Diamonds keep dancin' on my necklace
Bitches stay mad just like the rest is (Grrah)
On Fordham, my drip was the same (Facts)
Hit up Benny when I need a chain (Like)
Made it out soon as I got fame (Grrah)
Walkin' past and they yellin' my name, damn (Damn)
Like they goin' ku (Goin' ku)
I'm a fan but I'm keepin' my cool (Keepin' my cool)
And I like it when you call me boo (My boo)
Bae, I just wanna do what you do (Like)
Fuck your thots, I'm takin' they spot (They spot)
Bitches know that I am what they not
I'ma help you get back at the opps (Grrah)
Bae, can I come when you spinnin' they block? (Grrah)
And I swear that you be on my mind (My mind)
Yeah, I'm lit, but for you, I'll make time (Make time)
Niggas waitin', you skippin' the line (Like)
I was debatin' on making you mine (Grrah)
And you fly, I could tell by your belt
And you make with the cards you was dealt (You was dealt)
By my side, then you takin' no L
He all like, "Damn, Ice, you makin' me melt" (Grrah)
Got a man but I hope you don't care (Care)
When I'm with him, I wish you was there
Takin' that risk, bae, you know I'm not scared (Like)
What he think? He know shit isn't fair
Flexin' together, I know we go better (Grrah)
We stay hot, it don't matter the weather (Grrah)
His bitches mad that he gettin' me wetter (Grrah)
Damn, I ain't feel this way in forever (Grrah)

[Chorus: Ice Spice]
A baddie gon' get what she like (Grrah)
So what's your sign? 'Cause I like you (Like)
Got a place we can stay for the night
But I'm too shy to invite you (Grrah)
You got a gangsta vibe (Vibe)
And I want a gangsta boo (Boo)
One of a dangerous kind (Grrah)
I'm tryna see how a gangsta move

[Verse 2: Lil Tjay & Ice Spice]
I don't think you should play with me (Why?)
'Cause you gon' end up like the last opp
I'm a thug off some drugs in my home
And say, long before rap, I was playin' the back box
I don't know if I'm high or just too bopped
But your shit look like you got ass shots
Treat that bitch like the opps
When them boys tryna slide and they see me, I'm givin' her back shots
I'm like, "Ice, your shit lookin' fat" (Fat)
I'm a gangsta, I keep it legit (Legit)
Not gon' hold you, I told her some secrets (What?)
So she know I be on that shit
Told her, "Not too much, know what you know" (Know)
That's when she told me, "Daddy, I'm zipped" (What?)
If the boys ever try to come press me (Huh?)
I'ma tell 'em, "No habla English" (I don't know shit)
And together, we somethin' like brish
They can't do it like you and they wish
Fuck the opps, are you ready for beef?
So you know what to do with the— (Ugh)
See a opp, I don't fold, I go quick
Like, "Who next tryna go on my list?"
If he throw up a four, we gon'— (Blitz 'em)
How many of them finna go in my spliff?
My lil' shawty, I treat her like gang
And she don't treat me like no rap nigga
I'm the youngest to do it, you had a shot, blew it
Of course she gon' leave you, my sack bigger
That lil' nigga ain't nothin' like me (Me)
And I'm definitely nothin' like that nigga (What?)
Word around is your nigga can fight (Huh?)
So you better tell him I clap niggas (Boom)

[Chorus: Ice Spice]
A baddie gon' get what she like (Grrah)
So what's your sign? 'Cause I like you (Like)
Got a place we can stay for the night
But I'm too shy to invite you (Grrah)
You got a gangsta vibe (Vibe)
And I want a gangsta boo (Boo)
One of a dangerous kind (Grrah)
I'm tryna see how a gangsta move

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