I'm a Bomber and I fly despite the weather
Fly high to spite the weather, smite the Heather
Thinkin' they better but I'm clever
Never met a big cheese I couldn't shred-a
And serve on a plate of spaghetta
Check The Strategy like Lyrical Commission
And call me King Nebuchadnezzar the third
Beat you into submission
In the name of Anarchism and Nabu
Obliterate the state and serve a xenophobe Halal food
I'm pleased to explain to stupid fucks
Why their political views do suck
Like Shuck and Chuck I run and I Shut 'Em Down
To the subtle imperfections of The Radical Sound, piratical grounds
Black flag waving while I make my rounds
Through your beautiful cities to make 'em ghost towns
It's the host with the almost-dopest flow
Letting you know you getting clowned by a Juggalo
Wraith-reppin' Scrubbalo, quick to dead a Juggahoe
Madrox and Mono, Rouleau and David Hutto
See me march leading 17 and triple zero
Number of the Carnival beast; a triple Nero
Popular with commoners, hated by the gentry
A poet gladiator standing bloody in the entry
Gladius or quill, it doesn't matter, I'ma kill
With a neverending spill backed up by the peasantry
Leaving you in the cemetry; next stop the rectory
Black and white and red all over for their indoctrination
Hit a Trump rally that smacks of lackin' inoculation
Make the world greater by takin' away their oxygen
Vacate the premises, smile upon my face
See you at the next convention; Rage Against
The Machine; Mr. Anderson; clad in black, my world green
Liberation: it's always what my words mean
Dark Side: channel the hate and aggression
For a purpose other than simply filling fate with oppression
Grey Jedi: no side to guide me
Take what I need, leave what I don't behind me
Criminal Minded; by any means necessary
Forget the spiritual element, it was temporary
No peace, only passion like the Sith Code
Inner strength; manifest the power like Gitmo
Hit Mode; DSP; Dragon City zip code
Fire from the lungs; my legacy an Empire of the Sun
With the innocence lost stolen by Hip Hop
When I was but a kid and I didn't yell stop
So, it don't stop, can't stop, won't stop
Bushido: way of the warrior like Ghost Dog
No fog; see the path clear, now, go on
Welcome to the city of Oz, home of the Poet god

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