We all have those days where we just don't wanna wake up
Where even the air in the room holds you down
And there are days where you beg the universe for any hint of a sign
Just something to let you know that you're even remotely close to the right path
The kind of days where you doubt who you are, and
Where you are, or where you're even going
You anxiously retrace all your steps, wondering where the hell you went wrong
And where was that place that all those lines became blurred
And the road forked like a serpents tongue,
Convincing you that you didn't even know yourself from Adam?
Was it there that you split off onto the wrong course?
Had you taken the other road, you'd likely be in much better shape, right?
Or better yet, maybe the world wouldn't have fallen apart like it has
Maybe all the right pieces would've been in all the right places
And maybe you'd have found yourself instead of losing your hope
Like an old love note you kept locked inside a dust covered box under the floorboards
Yeah, that sounds pretty good right about now
We could all use a little faith in ourselves, we deserve that, don't we? Don't we?
See, don't we deserve that?
Don't we deserve to open our eyes and rejoice in the mere fact we're alive?
And that we woke up here?
And that we can marvel in our existence? Isn't that good enough?
Or is that too much to ask for?
Because I'm starting to get confused by this whole, this whole rat race
You know, where we're chasing other people's dreams
And comparing the wonder of what makes us us, can you believe that?
Let me tell you, I've stared into the dark
And I've watched it's lonely eyes look right back at me
And I won't lie to you, they pierce the soul no less
Than a sharp knife on a fresh piece of flesh
And it whispers into your ears, into the silent of the night
Just hoping that for a second, you'll forget what it is you are
So hear me, my friends, don't listen
It's a trap to think that you are not the infinite
It is a tragedy to believe even for a second that you are not the the culmination
Of each incredible improbable moment that led you to your existence
You heard me right
And those scars you carry? Well those are yours
So wear them with honour, like badges you've collected along your way
Place them over your heart one by one for all to see
And stand up straight, hold your head up high
And don't you even think of wasting any more of your precious moments looking down on yourself
Wake up, you deserve that, you are human, you're alive
Wake up, you're a wildfire, burn bright, burn bright, burn bright

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