In my dreams more things are possible
But in that realm it's still hard to control
Then I fall back from the Heavens
Was I ever up there or more like 7-elevens
Gettin' my gas, short hand encounters
Slidin' convenience across them counters
Come home again, is that what they mean by Heaven
Well here I am, what a place I've been
In and out of some sin
Or it's anxiety taking the wheel again
Head on the pillow, a book by other men
Grown children from another woman and fellow
Writing down words for me to read
Pick through what I want to see
Life is real, then it's make believe
Did Daddy Mommy pick a good night to conceive
Glad to be here, but barely afraid to leave
The ones who care keep me here
I play my part but still have some fear
Introverted, the waking life try to still share
Take a walk out my house, grow my hair
Speak to God or who I think it is
Ask for the real God, why would they give me fake shit
We're not all philosophers, scientists, theologists
Monkey-looking Christians taking a piss
Samson was real, Jonah that, Paul-Saul this, Paul saw this

Try to let go of my head
But like the earth it spins
Maybe I've overdone
Every thought that is on religion
Put my faith outside myself
I'm a little bug on a big shelf
Where the fuck and why is that shelf
It don't even matter
Got a boom box though, that's an unlocked prison
Fresh soda pop fizzin
Some confidence is on the horizon
Switched from a walky talky to Verizon
Need a new recipe for chicken
My ears currently are ringin
Showers are the best place for singin
Go Karts and bro farts we slingin
Got my lady's wedding ring from Wal Mart
It's not about several K but a good heart
In the end love is the real part
It's not the whole part
Not the best at yin yang though
But rip down the middle a good shart

Check the door it's a charlatan again
Do you let him in
Maybe he has at least a little somethin
Guess we all kind of pretend
How else do we get to the end
If anything else it's just amusing
This short-long life is confusing
Fuck going too fast on this ass, rather be cruising
Depressed but guess it's just
Time to get back some rest
Tomorrow might be better
It could be my best
A woman's love is all I ever needed
At least there's also Jesus
Take him from my head
Drop him to my chest, you best believe it
Goodnight Cleveland, just-a-kiddin
I'm from a small town, right now
Barely talk to the people around
Round and round we all go
She's got the prettiest face to me though
I'm her velvet mirror, but I steer clear
When she wants to kick me out the window
Tell her I'll always be back, don't worry about that
You can shoot me, just don't cheat
Other words, don't eat a burger without me by your feet
That's all I gotta say to this beat

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