Gay Street, High Street, Main Street
Jefferson Lane, Governor's Way
Cardinal Street, it's all so gay
Oak, Willow, 1st, 2nd, 3rd over and over
Where's imagination
Might as well be piss, semen, turd

Try to give credit
Where credit's due
I'm imperfect
And the world sucks too

But when does it get
To where you've had enough
Simple cliche church names
Eat at Jessie's Lunch

At least she's not pretentious
Basic but not fancy as fuck
At least she made it
Yet not for breakfast, dinner and such

Jess has no real congregation
People come and go
A few regulars
No restaurant of The Holy though

Wanna get drunk at a bar
Called something like Pompeii
Put on my headphones
To Rococco and turn gay
Maybe I already am, ay

I'm nothing special
Overthink what I say
Unless I feel it
Right now I feel it this way

I'm nothing special
Overthink what I say
Unless I feel it
Right now I feel it this way

Try to give credit
Where credit's due
Doing what we can
Guess I am too

Well, most the time
Sometimes I give nothing
At times compromise
It's at least something

It's at least something
They are pulling strings
In a way helping
In a way it's just a fling

Just call one street We Live Here
Call a buffet Fat People's Place
It's funny, name the bar We Don't Care
Or keep it cute with your face, honey

We get what's handed to us
Can hold on a lot, little or none
Regardless, still a product
But we should search between 99 and one

It's not easy, nowhere near superb
But we're so used to it
Don't need to be excellent
Though we should work for it

Imagine if we named a planet Acorn Avenue
Or a street after the galaxy UGC-4879
Sounds like a license plate
Try to avoid the ticket fine

I don't know all I'm talkin' about
I'm a bit out there
Perhaps Acorn Avenue is good
From our point of view in space it's fair

Sloppy seconds
Go get the leftovers
Or try to make new
Everything seems Taken
That's Liam Neeson's movie too
There's little escaping
Luck or hard work gets ya through
Sometimes it does not
Might as well try to

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