So many people pretend, act like family or friend
There for a fake moment, maybe an appearance at the end
Fuck not burning bridges, an arsonist I am
Goddamn who cares if it goes against your plan
Try to be kind, never have to try to be a man
Drop you and your bitch in the garbage can
Oh I'm so scared, you have some words to throw to me
Excuses, but when you rough around my side of town
I send the abuses, a hair dryer swung like a helicopter
Hit you in the jaw, then I plug it in
And heat up your lover's butt hole, hotter than you'll ever be
It don't even hurt them, they've been wanting to feel this free
You've been wanting to be a super bad baby
This is for everyone who is not cool, and it's gender neutral
If you can act like you know me, then you know I know the fool
It's you and those affiliated with your crew
Pee-yew, pee pee, poo poo
You're just a low animal on the totem pole
And animal like Adam does what animalistic Adam's told
I'll walk you down a tunnel
Make you think I think the way I know you think I do
How do I know, I've watched negative repeated patterns all the way through
I ain't debatin', and self expression does not equate to Satan
I will not set out from the start to take you for a ride
Unless my heart or brain says you lie about being on my side
Then I will remove you easier than a wine stain
No place in this life, just like Jeffrey Epstein
I'm the standard-issue yet still a bit strange
Makes it hard to read me, I'm not a social media page
You act as you love me while you run more to your Facebook
I thought the world's a stage, you're not an actor you're a crook
Expand a bit like the smoke leaving the sage of a sage
What a nice hit, maybe I'm just the crazy one full of shit
At least the possibility I admit
You can sit back and eat your cake
Keep up more so with the filters and platforms that they make
Suck my dick, my non-cinematic but still creamy dick, you faggot
Guess that also makes me a faggot, if I'm being politically erect
Sucky-sucky delect

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