Cats are like those sausage links you fry
They never lie completely on their back

I used to pace when I was younger
But now days I just sit in one spot and cry

Basic girl but ya don't like basic foods
Must suck to be basic and a fat chick
Basically sucks to be you

Humpback whales don't need a straw
But I'm so sorry you cannot take a sip from your cup
Until you have your sippy tube

We can go to the musical
Just to watch the people watch the musical
It would all be amusical

I read a lot because I mostly read when I'm fucked up
Just kidding
I don't read

I'm not a spokesperson, I'm just saying

Now I want a Butterfinger Blizzard because I saw Lionel Richie's ankles

If ya fuck them after ya kill them, then it's not really rape
The dead have no will

If Gordon Ramsey dropped his pants would there be sausage
Or an actual slice of bacon between his legs

If experience is the teacher then why did God make Adam a man instead of a boy
Sucks for Adam, he never got to experience Fairly OddParents
While eating a Pop Tart
He was too busy naming all of the animals

Life really sucks, I need a beer
But I am lucky to be here

A really good Valentine's day card
You're like every girlfriend I never had, all at once

When you cannot tell if a guy is Indian or black
You can at least know he owns a gas station that he has robbed

Sometimes I'd pretend I was in a music video
Other times I'd just watch two raindrops race down the window
To see who would win the Indy Derby 500
This is why we need drugs as adults

Had a dream I smoked a blunt with an old black man
Through his missing teeth he told me
That ain't what you think it is
Next thing I know I was eating out the girl up my street

"Whoosh" only works if it goes over someone's head
Not if they make you think it did
I'm joking, I'm retarded

If men tend to be more logical while women are more emotional
Then why don't we as men know to cater more to their emotional
And women, when we do make good points
Why is it that you cannot feel where we are coming from

When the slut cums it's like pouring old soup
Out the side of the pot into the trash can

Just because you have the ability to look at the world from a bird's eye view
Does not mean you're smart
Bird's have small brains too

People who hang graduation tassels from their car mirror
Really need to graduate to not doing that

IQ tests should be based on how obvious you are at staring at someone
For no fucking reason
Be discreet, be intelligent

If it weren't for jobs, social anxiety and the fear of death
We would all be sober
Except for drug addicts

Racism is stupid
All cum is the same color

If you're being raped you might as well let it happen
While saying, give me more big boy
He probably will stop and say
I gotta go, mom is making mac n' cheese tonight

People who always feel the need to find more to say
Never realize that silence is also a word

Lunchables pizza is okay until the delivery driver brings it

Your ass smell like Tom Brady's cleats
It's raunchy but still pretty awesome

When will parents learn that when their child is a trophy
They will never leave the shelf

It's better to try and fail than it is to fail yet still try
Know when to quit, idiot

You're a walking, talking fart box, my foxy lady

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