People who feel the need to memorialize the cross
Not realizing how gross it is
If Jesus was born in our time
I'm sure people would be more inventive
And he could have died inside a trash compactor
Would you wear a mini trash compactor around your neck
Or would you plaster it behind you on the church stage

Thank you Jesus for my sneakers from Ross
For my khakis from Target
Thank you for allowing me to have money
Even though my wife don't work at all, even if she did
Mix your version of subjective with more objective
To at least get halfway evolved

Now if the cross was symbolic
Towards resurrecting the self metaphorically
Or the story of Jesus was a reminder of the astrological allegory
Then I would have more respect
I don't have the answers
But it seems they do
I have a lot of questions, the answers are never new
Maybe our ancestors made stories
While they were just as confused
In their time they did what they could
Some put their time to use
You take it as fact in your modern pews

What the fuck is this shit with a prayer and a background melody
Mr. music man, backing up the preacher when he can
Like God appreciates your drop and your beat
With a little skeet skeet
Go grab some Sheetz after your praise and worship
Give thanks again to the Lord for your doo doo
Sweet poo manu

It's marketing schemes, done the same way people reel you in
Through commercials and advertisements
They create a way to draw you in to their side
And make you vulnerable
Music draws you in, but you should choose which music
And message you want to be lured into

When the cross on the back wall of the stage
Is in line with the cross on the podium
Symmetric, geometric
It's like Tic-tac-toe from head to toe
If I was Jesus I'd let it go
Just gotta let you know, it's all for show

It's hard enough when your family does not love you
Or they pretend they do
Maybe they share pretty love, or you have no family
But you need it from something invisible and omnipotent too
I've already thought, what if your side is true

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