Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck the universe
Fuck the God of the sea
Fuck the one above
Who is also imaginary
Fuck the smaller shit
Like tight anuses
Fuck all the ones
Who have the faithful answers to it
Fuck the strict parents
Causing a government within a government
Fuck some rules that were made to be bent
Fuck your brother
Fuck your sister
Just kidding
Incest is also not the answer
Fuck all the ones who forget they poop
Fuck me for thinking I'm witty
Fuck you for thinking you are too
Fuck my striving and my laziness
Fuck all of my craziness
Fuck my job, despite that I do it well
Fuck Heaven, fuck Hell
Fuck history, at least in a sense
Fuck brains
When they either overthink or they are too dense
Fuck uncomfortable pants
Fuck a high school dance
Fuck my teacher
Even though it's not my sexual stance
Fuck people who don't give you a chance
Fuck whoever came before
Fuck who is at tomorrow's door
Fuck the virgin, fuck the whore
Fuck until you can't fuck anymore
Just have permission before you emission
Because fuck rape
Rape is not to adore
Fuck only one person, or fuck many
It's your life if you want more
But you won't have the best connection
You choose your vice though if you want the erection
Fuck criminals who are not innovative
Fuck your beliefs that are never hated
Fuck all the ones who lie
Fuck the pussies that get wet
In other words, fuck the pussies who cry
Fuck the word fuck
But I'll still use it til I die
Cause I do but don't give a fuck
Fuck Socrates, don't ask why
Just kidding again
Socrates was a real sly guy

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