I love it when they get to bible-thumpin'
And try arguing with me
They should probably check out 2 Timothy 2:23
Now some of them know how to be kind
Kindness is nice, but it doesn't make our views right
That's lovely they can renew their mind
But do they really when they read the same book every time
And I more than understand that they can always extract something different
Much respect if it's the metaphors in it
But there are so many books
And they are only sticking to one
Maybe some others too
If they don't go against the one
Lean not on your own understanding
Though they think they understand it well
Heaven has some pretty cool Hot Rods
But they would all melt in Hell
Have they checked out Proverbs 4:23
That's a universal verse baby
But they apply it 'cause of their chosen ancient book
I just use it to be more free
At least as much as I can be
They are right so all other religions are wrong
They are right so evolution cannot belong
I'm not much qualified to speak on this shit
And not arguing, just saying how I see it
Did J.C. want us to evolve our inner worlds in a selfless way
The next step of evolution at play
That dude Jesus spoke in parables
If he truly spoke today he'd make it more simple
Only because we're all stupid
We have one life that needs taught how to use it
I grew up in church most of my life
I've been on both sides of the fence
What's wrong with tearing it down
For me, trying to walk the middle makes more sense
Faith in a greater thing or being can be had
But why not take in more evidence
I'm sorry Dad
But you should be a Dad
Be a Daddy
Why be invisible and convoluted like that
Are you a concept
Are you something we'll never get
Are you the scientist
Are we the experiment
Are you the totality of all that is
Do you even exist
Are we you in fragments
Jesus Christ, can you believe
The savior will come on a white horse
That sounds like bestiality
And everyone will see that of course
Because our planet is apparently flat
And this almighty man is super fat
Our dimensions within this world are very small
So don't listen to any facts
You will see him even if you're freshly dead
Finally trying to catch some sleep in your open casket
He might even raise you from your bed
Even though you're full of embalming fluid
But some believe the truly saved will get a new body
He'll toss new indestructible flesh for the after life party
And I don't want to party with them
If I did I would be doing it now
Can you imagine all these religious songs
Bumped in a literal Heaven
If angels sing along, it still will not help them

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