(Trash planet!)
(Oh-way-oh, ow!)

Everybody loves trash,
Gotta have trash
Morning, noon, and night trash (white trash),
Hitler's moustache

Pan-American trash
European trash
All around the world, trash
International trash

So you buy a six-pack
Grab a picnic snack, and
Fax yourself a Big Mac (Lip smack),
Panic attack

Go to Radio Shack,
Buy an 8-track
Shaq attack and Lonnie Mack (leather back),
Jumpin' Jack Flash (yeah!)

Go to some shop,
Get yourself a frock and get in hock,
Shop 'til you drop,
Til your credit goes pop!
Or stop, get saved, get out of the scene,
Get out, get out of the machine (bark bark)

Hey ho, what a way to go!
Fire in the sky and smoke down below
Someone tell the driver we're going to crash
All cracked up on the planet (On the planet)
Planet of trash
(Trash, oh!)

Meanwhile, Jack and Jill
Climbed the hill,
Couldn't beat the toxic spill, fell ill
Had to turn back
Jack took a pill,
Jill staggered to the well,
Dropped the pail,
Turned quite white when the water turned black

So we all formed a group, while we protest-chant
Lord and Lady Muck pick up the rhythm at the nuclear plant
When the gas leaks out we cry, we jibber and twitch
While Lord and Lady Muck get rich!

Hey ho, what a way to go!
Fire in their eyes and smoke down below
Don't think we'll make the anniversary bash
All smashed up on the planet,
Planet of trash

([TV announcer:] Buy [unintelligible], we'll also give you a [unintelligible] new prize!)

Planet of trash

You take the high road, I'll take the cash
Wave goodbye to the planet, planet of trash

(On the planet) On the planet
(On the planet) On the planet
(On the planet) On the planet
(On the planet) On the planet...
(Trash planet)

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    General Comment"Lord and Lady Muck" comes from the slang term "mucky-muck" meaning a powerful person, often implying they're rather self-import.
    ProfessorKnowItAllon September 09, 2019   Link

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