(Keep calm, keeping it calm, keeping it calm)
(Keep calm, keeping it calm, keeping it calm)
(Keeping it calm)
(Fuck, here we go again)

Heat lighting flash, but don't blink
Tranquility ruse
You're gonna happen again
That's what I think
Follow the evidence
Look it dead in the eye
You are darkness
Trying to lull us in, before the havoc begins
Into a dubious state of serenity
Acting all surprised when you're caught in the lie

We know better
It's not unlike you
It's not unlike you
We know your nature

Blame it all on the bastards when you're blowing out
Shame on you
Shame on you, now
No amount of wind could to begin to cover up your petulant stench and demeanor
Calm as cookies and cream, so it seems
We're not buying your dubious state of serenity
Acting all surprised when you're caught in the lie

We know better
It's not unlike you
It's not unlike you
We know your nature

Calm before the torrent comes
Calm before the torrent comes
Calm before the torrent comes
Calm before the tempest comes to reign all over

Disputing intentions invites devastation
A tempest must be true to its nature
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that

Control, your delusion
Insane and striking at random
Victim of your certainty
And therefore your doubt's not an option
Blameless, the tempest will be just that
So try as you may, feeble, your attempt to atone
Your words to erase all the damage cannot

A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that
A tempest must be just that

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"7empest" as written by Daniel Carey Adam Jones

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    Song MeaningI think there is a few ways to look at this, but personally I believe it to be about those who don't think that others can change. The song is told from the point of view of someone who has no desire to admit or see that the person he's talking to has become a better person; he's claiming that this flawed person cannot change while he himself refuses to rethink his own perspective. In some ways, this song is the Yin to The Pot's Yang. The Pot describes someone (rightfully) pointing out a hypocrite, while 7empest is saying that just because someone may have been flawed does not mean we ourselves are not. I think behind the heavy instrumental, what Tool is really trying to say is that even though we should be vigilant and wary of others who would do us harm, we must also be willing to offer love to those who are trying to become better people (and to try and become better people ourselves).

    tl;dr this song is about the pot calling the kettle black imo
    thatguon September 02, 2019   Link
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    TranslationMy view. Look up Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Imagine a person who can go from tranquil to rage on the turn of a dime. This is my 7empest. The love of my life. She has Intermittent Explosive Disorder. I have said the words “Here we go again” so many times, which of course fuels the rage.

    Think Incredible Hulk. Mild mannered Bruce Banner / Hulk. Or Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix. Dr. Jekyl / Mr. Hyde. These comparisons are exactly what this disorder is like. It is not an additional personality, it is a short circuit of the brain, in relation to a poor foundation due to extreme childhood trauma.

    7empst says “You’re gonna happen again. That’s what I think”

    This is my life with my love. I know she will short circuit again. I know the 7empest will return, I know she will lose control. With this theme in mind, 7empest continues to tell the story of one who will wreak havoc, unapologetic havoc. Blame others for the havoc they cause. It is their nature.

    The lyrics themselves in my opinion are seff explanatory, however I am living with and loving my own 7empest. I am moving out in a day though. I will always be her person, will be her husband, however I will maintain a separate address. I will have my own safe place to take refuge during the 7empst. I do not hate the 7empest, I respect it, and let it do its thing.

    This may sound like crazy talk to those who are not living the life I am, this song is about a loose cannon. One who cannot control their actions. One who is tranquil. One who becomes the 7empest.
    BipolarMoronon September 10, 2019   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about people who deceive others into a false sense of security, trying to lull people to sleep by explaining away the signs of a coming tempest as coincidence.

    Almost every person in control of this world does it- the status quo is king right? No need to worry, business as usual. Keep praying, keep working, keep voting and everything will be ok. Just make sure to give your dues to society (aka make us rich by being an ignorant dumbass).

    But as Maynard says, the lies will all be revealed when the tempest finally comes and washes everything away
    SeaLard98on September 11, 2019   Link
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    General CommentGiven the album is a concept driven by an antidote to fear...in whatever manner that may arrive...and taking into consideration Tools own comments regarding individuals to place their own interpretation on the tracks... personally I find the album taken as a whole a sublime masterpiece ... and message... the Tool offered by the album is self belief and rebellion through both self awareness and awareness on our interaction between each other, our impact on the environment...and how near the abyss we actually are...... its a tool against becoming a manipulated unquestioning sheep...swallowing the materialistic BS we are fed from every angle... the 7empest... the number 7 can relate to transcendence...overcoming a spiritual dilemma... rebelling against spiritual destruction, fighting through selfe awareness a bad thing and winning...

    Anyhow... to me its saying its time to work together again ( here we go again) and destroy the demigods and regain our awareness... Trump is the personification of ignorance and greed.... and his 7empest should not be our 7empest.
    Tbird666on September 14, 2019   Link
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    General CommentAn Accadian hymn about the Seven Harmful Spirits:

    “They are the destructive reptiles, even the winds that create evil!
    as an evil reptile, as an evil wind, do they appear!
    as an evil reptile, as an evil wind, who marches in front are they !
    Children monstrous (gitmalutu), monstrous sons are they!
    Messengers of the pest-demon are they!
    Throne-bearers of the goddess of Hades are they!
    The whirlwind (mátu) which is poured upon the land are they!
    The seven are gods of the wide-spread heaven.
    The seven are gods of the wide-spread earth.
    The seven are gods of the (four) zones.
    The seven are gods seven in number.
    Seven evil gods are they!
    Seven evil demons are they!
    Seven evil consuming spirits are they!
    In heaven are they seven, in earth are they seven!”
    Seven are they, seven are they!
    In the hollow of the deep, seven are they!
    (In) the glory of heaven, seven are they!
    In the hollow of the deep in a palace grew they up! (In the original, “from the hollow …. came they forth”).
    Male they are not, female they are not!
    They are the dust-storm, the travelled ones are they!
    Wife they possess not, child is unborn to them.
    Order and kindliness know they not.
    They hearken not to prayer and supplication.
    From the horse of the mountain came they forth.
    Of Ea are they the foes.
    The throne-bearers of the gods are they.
    To trouble the canal in the street are they set.
    Evil are they, evil are they!
    Seven are they, seven are they, seven doubly said are they!”O god of Fire,” he asks, “how were those seven begotten, how grew they up?
    Those seven in the mountain of the sunset were born;
    those seven in the mountain of the sunrise grew up.”
    Throughout they are regarded as elemental powers, and their true character as destructive winds and tempests is but thinly veiled by a cloak of poetic imagery.
    Kiesersoseion September 17, 2019   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me this song, the more I think on it, is horrific. I ruminated on this one for awhile and then just focused on the strict definition of the word tempest. With tempest understood as a great, powerful, and devastating force of nature many of the phrases I was confused with made sense.

    Nature is brutal. I can look at the night sky and wonder at the serenity of it all, the peace, the tranquility, but left alone in the vacuum of space I wouldn't last long. Nature is violent. The Earth is riddled with a history of natural catastrophes responsible for the many extinction-level events that have wiped countless species of life from the planet.

    Personifying nature is such a human thing and brilliantly managed in the lyrics. Almost coy, one can envisage Mother Nature with tongue in cheek after the disaster of the hurricane leaves once beautiful landscapes and the security of a home in complete ruins...as if she were caught in the 'lie' of offering submission to our feeble attempts at subduing her.

    Our ruin, though, cannot fully be blamed on the nature of cyclical extinction. We argue, out of arrogance and ignorance, over (Nature's) intentions, for example, deciphering the 'evidence' of a warming planet as a response to our polluting behaviors, a natural part of a climate not static, or some mixture of both. None of this matters. We need to start thinking about what to do in light of an impending tempest...it's coming...we know its true nature...to destroy and make room for the next 'bastard'.
    smithrevjoshon September 08, 2019   Link
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    Song Meaning7empest-

    Footnotes: Ok this is a long one so prepare to have every thing dissected because this song is slightly cryptic and efficiently phrased so that the listener can extrapolate the meaning in it's entirety. It’s very specific in that sense.

    Before I break down what I believe all the phrases in this song to mean I want to enlighten you about the ISO which is very much related to the theme of this song(be patient read through this all and it will be clear to you).
    Should you be well read enough and should you be aware of the state of affairs of the world you would know of the Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Funnily enough they recently released a draft guidance standard on “radiative forcing management” which you can download here: etcgroup.org/content/…. It’s worth noting that many years back Bjorn Lomberg's Centre released an un-refereed report on geoengineering which was also a significant report (you can read about it here:realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2009/08/a-biased-economic-analysis-of-geoengineering/comment-page-6/).
    The ISO and Lombergs centre report are two classic examples of how research and support of geo-engineering has been planned for a long time now by the fossil fuel industry as a whole.
    What concerns most educated people about the Lomborg report is that the consensus was based on a meeting between around 50 economists. These economists were attempting to dictate the future of the entire world by attempting to strongly influence the worlds response to global warming based on cost and benefits strategy (our entire human races survival might be gambled on a cost and benefits strategy! who would have thought money would be a problem when our entire races fate is on the line). To add further insult this report omit the costs of many potential negative aspects of producing stratospheric cloud to block out our sunlight and brighten our clouds. The second author of this report works for the American Enterprise Institute (for those who don't know they are a leading global warming denier). It is most comical to think these global warming deniers are suddenly acknowledging global warming when it suites their motives.
    You may think i have no evidence to back up that this is a "motive" maybe you think the motive is a "conspiracy" yet when you take into consideration that right now is a real threat and is being backed by millionaires. The largest geoengineering projects and studies right now are funded by fossil fuel studies who are lobbying for this "radiative forcing management". Most people know that the fossil fuel industry knew about climate change for a while now and have been denying it yet for a long time now. What’s most shocking is that they have been denying it while funding research for alternatives (geo engineering and solutions like releasing iron into the oceans in large concentrations) to prevent us from dealing with the things that are within our power to change and can actually make an impact: so as to not disrupt their industry. Many of the players involved are the same scientists who have undeniable connections to the fossil fuel industry (read the "fuel the fire" report for more information) people like:David Keith who is a climate engineer from Harvard who has a company called carbon engineering: which is financed by Norman Murray Edwards who is the tar sands oil tycoon. Some of these scientists are big players. Men who have significant equity and investment inside the fossil fuel industry. Men who are considering carbon capture as a "viable" solution... which coincidentally has very little proof of any beneficial effects and is considered very risky yet seems to be the only antidote to geo-engineering if we were to put a stop to it. In a nutshell it would essentially be used to improve efficiency and speed rates in fraccing above all else which would increase production of oil and fossil fuels. If this connection isn't enough of an embarrassment in itself for what kind of greedy unethical business men are attempting to dictate our response to global warming you are free to turn to what the leading climate scientists are saying. The most optimistic of which are saying that this response is a lazy make shift supplement that can no way make the kind of impact we need to make to prevent catastrophic events. The less optimistic climate scientists which is in-fact the majority of leading climate scientists are saying that this is a dangerous road that should not be explored under any means. Both the optimistic and not so optimistic can agree on one thing, and that is that to even just trial and experiment with this technology risks destroying the equilibrium of everything as all ecosystems in the world are connected to each other in many complicate and intricate ways. Many scientists believe this solution is “insane”. We don't know the negative effects as we only have theories, however these effects can be extremely detrimental and un-reversible. Problem is the opinions of the leading scientists aren't what’s circulating in the media most prominently (no surprises there) it's actually pro geo engineering presentations and articles manipulating the people into thinking that the world is already a lost cause and that our only option is geo engineering. Much propaganda is out there attempting to glorify geo-engineering and make people more open to the idea in future as a response to global warming.
    You might be wondering how this relates to a tempest. But the key take-way here is that propaganda works much the same way as geo-engineering. It is a form of manipulation that is only effective short term and requires a continuation of the same effect for the previous efforts to not be unmasked. A short term illusion that everything is as what it appears to be on the surface.
    “Heat lighting flash, but don't blink
    Tranquility ruse
    You're gonna happen again”
    You can see this communicated in the opening lines here. Heat from global warming, lighting in the clouds from geo-engineering, and a flash happens. But don’t blink. We don’t want you to stop for a second. We want you to continue working. Your tax payer money can then be used to build sustainable development which will house people being moved in from rural communities (who will no doubt be replaced by robots).
    It’s misleading. Because flashes generally represent something that demands your attention. In this case I believe it is the beginning of geo-engineering. Everyone should be talking about this right now instead of who this actor fucked or how much this stock fell. You would think this is would be focused on by media every time new research is testing this in our very skies. However, the intention of the UN agenda is to mislead people in a false sense of security with ruses. Specifically, with rubbish like “sustainability” which is in fact a ploy to draw people into dense cities and make more people dependant on our government for every facet of living. It’s also to silence those in protect of warming with this idea that we are making sustainable approaches to development which will make a big difference.
    Geo-engineering itself is exactly this on another level. On the surface it is an antidote to the problem: but what it really is, is a ruse to keep the people in a dubious state of serenity so they can be controlled. Much like how so many laws that were quietly put in place in America many which contradicted the very first amendment rights of citizens, were very quickly brought onboard with next to resistance after the 9/11 and the war on terror campaign.
    You’re going to happen again goes back to drawing connections to our history of times when these exact ploys were used by governments around to ruse tranquillity while controlling people and in many cases culling them. Basically the flash represents something we should be curious about which they don’t want us to stop and think about.
    “That's what I think
    Follow the evidence
    Look it dead in the eye
    You are darkness
    Trying to lull us in, before the havoc begins
    Into a dubious state of serenity
    Acting all surprised when you're caught in the lie”
    Based on history and evidence through past research we can conclude that geo-engineering will not work. I believe Maynard is concluding this. If you follow the evidence and look it dead in the eye you should be able to see what I’m explaining here. “you are darkness” the tempest is darkness. Evil. Geo-engineering. Darkening the clouds and brining darkness to the earth before the real havoc begins. Which will be caused by a combination of natural disasters brought upon by failure of responding with a plausible solution and instead with geo-engineering which gives them a weapon to use against us. This weapon will become stronger the longer geo-engineering continues. Should geo-engineering ever want to be stopped the termination shock would prevent most from enduring the price of stopping this. Perhaps this explains why the US has invested in such a large sustainable underground fortress.
    If ww2 has taught me anything it is that the next culling will be brought upon by the same large players that control the fossil fuel industry.
    There’s a great article here that explains essentially what connection fossil fuels have had with previous culling’s of humanity. Which ironically deepened the very same pockets that generously financed and orchestrated the entire “unfortunate global catastrophe” that was ww2. medium.com/@duplacer/…
    So I believe that is exactly what’s going to happen again. They will act as surprised as the united states was when demolitions experts argued 9/11 looking like it was an inside job.

    “We know better
    It's not unlike you
    It's not unlike you
    We know your nature”

    Again, this reinforces that the educated know better than to think for a second that things are going to be “peaceful”. The nature of a tempest is to grow strong by completely destroying everything in its path. Geo-engineering not only puts us into an extremely submissive position like the UN agenda, but it also gives a hint as to what their true plan to deal with warming will be. Which is to bring about a catastrophe that they are blameless for which will be responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world. It’s no coincidence that their only solution to global warming is an idea that in itself will only have a chance of solving the problem if enough people die to reduce global emissions: assuming of-course that we must rely on this plan for the rest of our days.

    Some logical reasoning to explain why I conclude this:
    Research into volcanic eruptions was researched and used as an example. What wasn't factored in was that although the temperature was reduced after this eruption, temperatures in other parts of the world was increased exponentially.
    Termination shock is the real danger here and it is inevitable. As the carbon needs to be removed from the atmosphere. If the management is stopped before the carbon is removed, you get a rapid increase in the temperature. Worse than if you didn't put anything in the atmosphere at all. This is the paradox of Geo-engineering which looks like it is inevitably going to happen based on the scientists who are backing this movement also having strong ties to the fossil fuel industry despite their false claims of not having any "commercial interest" in the research.
    This is the perfect way to cull millions of people from the planet, at random, using technology that can be withheld in certain regions to bring about natural disaster to that specific area through termination shock. This enables them to isolate certain areas and target them specifically. Which will hold predictable results with the UN agenda forcing all people into cities, essentially enabling them to carry out controlled and isolated culls.

    So in conclusion this is how you spot a tempest folks. The calm before the storm. The fact that the composition of the entire planetary system is already being played with by billion-dollar corporations and trillion-dollar corporations who are investing in this research is almost confirmation that with little opposition now it's almost inevitably going to happen. If the people rebel the UN agenda is already in place to ensure that rebels can be quickly and efficiently dealt with through control of their food, water and land. Nabour-hood watch style community structures will ensure those suspected of plotting against the government are labelled terrorists and dealt with very quickly. This is another plan put in place that has gone almost completely un-noticed with next to no opposition besides those brave people who are ridiculed and mocked as conspiracy theorists when attempting to expose this to the masses. Most people sit and twiddle their thumbs so it warms my heart to see Maynard attempt to bring it to light to the masses.
    When this happens, they will need to blame someone for it no doubt.
    “Blame it all on the bastards when you're blowing out
    Shame on you
    Shame on you, now “
    As people will start wondering why natural disasters are only taking place in specific city regions an explanation will need to be presented. For this I assume the illusion of terrorisms will be the ideal scapegoat (blame it on the bastards).

    “No amount of wind could to begin to cover up your petulant stench and demeanor
    Calm as cookies and cream, so it seems
    We're not buying your dubious state of serenity
    Acting all surprised when you're caught in the lie”
    Geo engineering involves winds to darken the skies. It won’t cover up their petulant stench and demanor which is to increase energy production, control the masses and cull humanity to maximise profits. Exactly like it was done in ww2. Many intelligent knew what was going to happen before the second world war. Now the intelligent know what is going to happen soon with the UN agenda. Us educated free thinkers aren’t buying into their dubious state of serenity, nor will we buy into their surprise when they are caught in the lie. Ironically enough 9/11 was fabricated for people to buy into the surprise of the government while they blame it on the bastards. This time it will the same bastards being blamed when natural disasters kill millions of people around the world that are focused inside extremely dense urban “sustainable” developments.
    Unfortunately, intelligent people who can think for themselves are a minority. Not numerous enough to put a stop to the plans. Which is exactly why business has continued as usual despite the fact that geo-engineering and experiments in our oceans on a scale capable of effecting the entire worlds planetary system is already in place via questionable motive.

    "Control, your delusion
    Insane and striking at random
    Victim of your certainty
    And therefore your doubt's not an option
    Blameless, the tempest will be just that
    So try as you may, feeble, your attempt to atone
    Your words to erase all the damage cannot"

    Here we see the delusion that is the idea of geo engineering being the only solution. Insane and striking at random is indeed this solution. Insane to mess with a planetary system that could potentially wipe us all out for the sake of business and money. Striking at random refers to the random tests they are doing which have very little thought or research in controlled environments before they were carried out . An example would be the iron dumped into the pacific ocean which had no former research to justify the stimulation of the lower end of the food chain. Especially given that scientists warned them of the dangerous effects it would have on the higher spectrum of the food-chain over-all (just one example of the many insane acts that involved striking at out random for the delusion of power: nature.com/news/…). It will be blameless (the people doing it will not take the blame) and it will strike at random. It is a true tempest and we are already accelerating it with geo-engineering research which we also have inconclusive proof of when it comes to negative draw backs.

    "Victim of your certainty
    And therefore your doubt's not an option"
    It's their certainty that is driving them to do this. They are their own victims as this arrogance that comes with power made people who run these corporations think that they can control things like Geo-engineering. However their doubt is not an option both from their perspective and ours. If the masses become doubtful about this solution on a larger scale we might stop it however this is not an option for them which is why so much is invested in the UN agenda to stop that from becoming a possibility .However once it's in motion and implemented we still can't stop it because of termination shock. So stopping it is not an option it seems.

    "Blameless, the tempest will be just that
    So try as you may, feeble, your attempt to atone
    Your words to erase all the damage cannot"
    The dangerous repercussions of not dealing with global warming at it's leading causes but instead using geo-engineering to ruse tranquillity will be catastrophic. The natural repercussions will be blameless and nothing these people says after it begins will atone for the all the damage that will inevitably follow.

    Conclusion: In a way we have passed the point of no return once it starts on a global scale. It looks like this is exactly what's going to happen. Because a tempest must be just that. Look around you in the world. Where is the opposition? Are most aware of it. Does anyone even know geo-engineering is happening. How do people react when you tell them about chem-trails? They laugh. Things are quiet and i predict they will continue to be quiet before the tempest comes.

    Lastly the title: "7empest"
    Notice the very deliberate use of 7 in the title tempest. Most people will shrug off this 7 as being merely a coincidence. Or a satire on internet slang. This is not a coincidence. If you are familiar with Maynards approach to writing when working with tool, you will notice that every word and phrase is deliberate. If you don't believe me analyse a song like the grudge, or Parabola. Nothing is wasted when he writes songs for tool. We can safely assume that there are certain songs he writes that are cryptic enough to only have one meaning. The give away is in the attention to detail and how much effort he puts into reinforcing the specific angle and careful choice of words as well as repetition to reinforce the theme. So we can immediately assume there is a deeper connection here with the 7 and tempest. One that reinforces the meaning of the entire song.

    The below quote is a reference to the seven harmful spirits. The connection to this and geo-engineering/global agenda may not seem like anything worth making but in my eye’s it is the strongest connection between a tempest, the theme of the song and a prophecy for the end of times. Making it the ideal icing of the cake. I believe communicating this through one number in the title was a subtle way to push people into making the connection.

    Raging storms, evil gods are they
    Ruthless demons, who in heaven's vault were created, are they,
    Workers of evil are they,
    They lift up the head to evil, every day to evil
    Destruction to work.
    Of these seven the first is the South wind...
    The second is a dragon, whose mouth is opened...
    That none can measure.
    The third is a grim leopard, which carries off the young ...
    The fourth is a terrible Shibbu ...
    The fifth is a furious Wolf, who knoweth not to flee,
    The sixth is a rampant ... which marches against god and king.
    The seventh is a storm, an evil wind, which takes vengeance,
    Seven are they, messengers to King Anu are they,
    From city to city darkness work they,
    A hurricane, which mightily hunts in the heavens, are they
    Thick clouds, that bring darkness in heaven, are they,
    Gusts of wind rising, which cast gloom over the bright day, are they,

    Lets stop here... And focus on the lines that stand out relating to a tempest.
    "Raging storms, evil gods are they"
    "The seventh is a storm, an evil wind, which takes vengeance"
    "Thick clouds, that bring darkness in heaven, are they,
    Gusts of wind rising, which cast gloom over the bright day, are they,"

    Now before you call me a conspiracy theorist let me explain with two very simple facts why I believe it's undeniable that this is what the song was written about.
    First of all Maynard was very much an educated and well read man. Through media interviews we can conclude that he has shown in particular a keen interest in mythology and state of world affairs.
    Here are some quotes from him if you don't believe me:

    "If you take different mythologies from different cultures, the names may change and the story lines may vary but there is always something in common."
    "Just in general, any government throughout history hasn't really wanted its people to be educated, because then they couldn't control them as easily."

    He very much is an advocate for free thinking and questioning authority and clearly has a passion for mythology. So the motive in connecting the worlds greatest current threat with a powerful ancient text that prophesied the end of the world with what was described to be exactly the same doom as those brought upon by geo-engineering can’t be a coincidence. This is my suspicions based on what 7 represents when relating to a tempest. It is very brilliant how this is communicated in a seven-character title (and no mere coincidence yet again). However given his use of natural geometry and things like Fibonacci in songs like laterals this comes as no surprise. The man is brilliant at communication design through lyrics.
    You may not believe in this ancient text, but regardless you should know that certain stories in the bible have been validated through science. Although I’m not religious I can’t deny that at the very least someone has planned much of humanities fate long before we ever lived and experienced it. I believe this is the breadcrumb Manynard is leaving for people to follow. Who would have ever thought they would find noahs ark buried in exactly the location it was described to be in the Bible. You may not believe in god. But you don’t need to believe in religions portrayal of a higher power to see that there has been a higher power dictating our fate for centuries. The more you question authority and the mockery of history we are taught in schools and through most poorly written and outdated scientific textbooks the more you will start to see this rabbit hole goes allot deeper than just geo-engineering, the UN agenda and global warming. Which is why I believe the title “fear inoculum” was chosen. It wasn’t a vaccine against sickness. Bill Gates children aren’t vaccinated. It was a vaccine against fear.
    TheProfitSongon November 09, 2019   Link
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    My InterpretationThe main layer of this song is a conflict between your inner emotions and what you show outside. It’s the typical situation when you do your best to remain calm, but the tempest inside you starts raging to the point when you can’t contain it anymore, so you just explode. And even if that was one extreme situation, people around you suddenly say it’s typical and they knew all the time that you’re a violent type and whatever happened was just waiting to happen. Not sure what it was, but they were sure it will happen. Then you try to calm down again and handle this, but you know it’s a vicious circle and at some point they will make you explode again.
    But there’s another level. The title itself brings Shakespeare to mind and again connects to the seven stages of life described in one of his works. More so, the way it’s spelled kind of suggests something like an online nick, maybe used by a kid in a game somewhere. This may point to the stage in life described as schoolboy. However, Maynard was contradicting Shakespeare’s classical view in previous songs and here it looks the same. This schoolboy is not whining or creeping emotionless – he’s the tempest. He hates being pushed around and hearing how everybody knows him better, know his nature. They are poisoning him like the deceivers mentioned in Fear Inoculum and he’s raging inside to fight it. But he doesn’t know how yet, so for now he can only be like the tempest and respond with anger.
    serkelothon October 10, 2019   Link
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    My InterpretationYeah. great final of this masterpiece. Whole concept of this album, lyrics by lyrics, talking to us. And we asre still thinking something, and we are still thinking. And here we go again. Nice ego play, nice play of thoughts. But we can never understand by words. And we gonna happen again (sweet samsara).
    Stanley666on September 17, 2019   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song is about drug use and relapse. Particularly heroin, as Maynard had addiction problems in the past.

    The portion that mentions “serenity” is an adage to the AA/NA serenity prayer.

    "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference."

    When he mentions “blowing out” I believe this could be in reference to blowing out a vein while attempting to shoot up heroin.

    Then, the tempest portion is just the craving and constant internal battle a person has with themselves not to use. It eventually becomes overwhelming and they cave to the desire.

    - Just my thoughts -
    JayDoggon September 26, 2019   Link

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