[Verse 1]
I'm from a hood where a few dreams come true
[A mindset of failure is passed on to you
Like that shit hereditary, fuck that!](14666165) Picture this V.Ville model
[It's either you end up at bottom of the bottle
Or you selling weed to a son or daughter](14666172)
Parental guidance is advised but you can't that tell them shit cause you don't support them
Drafts (22)
[Too many running on the yard, another one on they way, so the second best option is to abort them](14666188)
“One day things will be alright” is some sort of an anthem
The only light to look up to is the lantern
Pray, Pray so hard the Holy Ghost stay with us
God ain't answering prayers
How do I say this?
I end up swerving Lucy arms
Ooh I'm short again, money problems no sugar in the morning for sour porridge
If only I made it to Harvard or Cambridge
I'll be telling a different story
The girls gossip from dawn
Till the sun sets, ain't nothing to wake up to in the morning
Bitchy and seductive laundrying
They youth is loose like coins from the cashier
Things I see with my naked eyes, stuck in my head for life, I can't even erase 'em
Waving money and material things
So the little angels open their legs
The rich don't care, they just wanna rip the pussy apart and they gone
Beautiful children, ugly circumstances
Children with children they can't support the themselves
Who dalas the chores
The elders are mowing the lawn
Toys to the toddlers are Cigarette buds
A generation of back chatting and buts
Young reckless and acting nuts
Hope is shit down the toilet
No drainage system, so staring back at me pit latrine toilet
Like confidence at the bottom of the totem pole
Searching for drugs, like a dog sniffer
Goddamnt I beg to differ

[Verse 2]

Strict parent are snitching
Twenty three and counting
Car jacking
Back-stabbers with no backbone snake hissing
I smell prison, my wrist ache from the cuffing season
Cops and their siren
Police brutality is the option
When these bastards don't have a search warrant, jumstart popping pills popo popping the questions
My temper snap like paparazzi, I'm bout to go crazy, punk picking papers
Pope pray for us
These feds can't force shit out of me but the wrong information
Lay back of the sedan
The same city I'm in, souls are sailing in an sea of sadness, I've lost count, somebody weigh my anxiety
Even if you study you find yourself sitting at home with your honors degree
Jobless, The system is screwing us
Bitter hearts are born, don't be suprised if you realize I'm just another cruel ass
Empty promises from politicians, I hate it when they fuel us
Imma bout to go petrol bomb on them
6 feet these bars on cement, scribble the last sentence, tomb stone on them
Perfecting my skills, in my bedroom freestyling and scribbling these notes man
Trouble invites me, RSPV
I'm a product of V,Ville
Road map my success I'm Rap SUV
GPS for what
I follow my heart
D_cider,The Break Of Dawn
What if we was born rich, achieved all our dreams and success was there dawg
What would be chasing
If you was not born in the hood, you'll never understand it, turbo to the criminal my heart is racing
Shoplifting,you should see my abs man
None of these niggas are planning on getting married, so there's no best man
Searching for drugs, like a dog sniffer
Goddamnit I beg to differ

[Verse 3]
Nothing less than Gold and shi
I'm on my Olympic shit
Yall will never reach my standard
I just broke the Genuis Book Of Records with a running stomach
Spicy lies
Your favorite rapper tweeting I'm in the kitchen cooking, his 16s look like a toilet pot, let me cook with him, nah scratch that let shit on him
From the Ville Greetings to you lil' stupid fugorts
D_cider feathers, dust up my nostrils I might sneeze but I just take offf
A vulture soaring fear on these inferiors im venom in veins
Switch flows like your girl on period pains
I tried being a wack rapper, I really tried but I relapsed, I guess its time to admit it I'm addicted to the dope shit
My multis are suicidal, my flow is on that rope shit
I walk my way up into all these studios, from my head to my feet broke
That's why when I get a chance for one line, like the butchers knife, bring your. Favourite rapper, I slit throat
Middle finger to your Maker, I praise Lucy all night
Whatsup with the mood swing nigga did you grew pussy over night
Even the world didn't believe jesus
So I don't give rats ass if deny it
But I swear to God I'm one of Hip Hops Finest
Being humble only works at church, the world gives way to only those who demand it
D_cider do you hear me, Goddamnit

I'm a Straight A student, but why does the Government only give scholarship to those
What happens the average joe's
And the ones that fall below
So who are you to blame a nigga on that thug life
Creeping in the corner with a sharp knife
Young, Unstoppable And Black
I slit a throat and never look back
You too tried to sideline me technology
Times have changed Sloppy
But I'll never forget these memories read well
The dickhead was never around, momma dead at five, no one to make proud! I guess It's just me against the world with these sixteen's
Cocking pistils
I'm not settling for second place like mistress
C.maya on the decks
I'm in the booth cooking to be one of the greatest
I'm as dark as they come, looks can be deceiving
Pardon D_cider for intervening
Y'all niggas gosssip like bitches, your fat lips you look like you make blow jobs for a living

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