Smart drugs don't work on stupid people
Am I stupid to think there's such a thing
As smart drugs, at least I think so
But what in Hell do I really know

Guess I can make an observation
At the risk of looking somewhat like a politician
Chemicals can help you find yourself
And other ways can do so as well

Though it's easy to get caught up
Thinking you're enlightened or much more above
Or you found you have it figured out
You're finally just like your idols now

These are muddy waters I'm steppin' through
Wanna' help you out like I help myself too
Don't be just like spiritual teachers
Go beyond everyone's image, dig much deeper

Then look around you and find
Things you can use within this time
Do you really live on a hill top beyond the city
Some things you should drop, stop acting pretty

I get it if you want to awaken the public
To me personally, it's the other end of the spectrum
That's great you say you notice the matrix
The matrix still sees you as dumb

Oh God you say drugs make you humble
Yet you state over and over
All the drugs you take on your channel

But it's not just, hey these can help you out
It's also, okay look at me now
Some wear stuff like an excess of beads
More than showing off the shit they read

At times saying what somewhat makes sense
But to the bull shit you're always oblivious
Hey present-ancient kid, I will pass
You can kiss my fuckin' modern ass


Hey there boy, hey there girl
Hey there children of the world
Hey there you, hey there me
We're all learning to be somebody

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