I've been in a fucking DMV
Imagining looking in from a distant galaxy
Sometimes I got lost dissociating
Had to come back eventually, start creating

Macro, micro, the part reflects the whole
I'm a part of the whole Cosmos
But not just me, so are you
There isn't much we cannot do

It is also said as above, so below
So I won't just look out
I'll creepily look in the window
And I can't just be looking down
From a mountain top staring at the ground

I'll carry my dumb ass around
Find shit to do in the city or town
You can think about outer space
But don't forget what's in front of your face

There are times though to analyze
Grabbing more points from other point of views
Nothing wrong if you just want to reside
Balance is cool but it's whatever you choose

What are we when you see us from the outside
What are we when you look down from the high hillside
What about from a plane or a rocket
How about another planet or universe, fuck it

This should not be your outlook all the time
You need some good subjective
But you cannot never think or see with a wider lens
You need more perspective

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