Putting my patience to the test
When the hell is the rest of this shift gonna' be over
It's like i intentionally leave the comfort of my home
To go to a war zone just to pay for my home
That I only get to sleep in
But not even, 'cause I wake up at six

Here comes Sherry to tell me how to do my job
We get paid the same by the hour
She thinks acting sour will move her up the ladder
Honestly, it just makes her look fatter

Free country and all but I'm a prisoner soon as I clock in
Manager says mandatory overtime with a grin
He won't be smiling when I round house kick him in the chin

Might seem like I'm complaining
But there are people who do worse
Vicky never knows how to talk about anyone without having to curse
Here comes the crew with another gossip, what's new
All because they don't know what else to do
How about your job, even if you're not good at it
I suck too


Can't leave when I want to, gotta' do my time
Gotta' listen to my co-workers whine
One day they're best friends, then they're talkin' shit
Just wanna' get the hell out of here
I'm squeezin' my own tit

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Anti-Dream Job song meanings
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