My house is made from trees
So is my desk and chair
That picture frame right there...
My guitar, books too
And toilet paper, trees help me poo
Thank God I did not live in, the Garden of Eden
I would not know what to do
I'd probably just walk around pretty bored
Try out an apple or two...
Then find out not all trees are good for you
Sometimes I also climb trees
I get pretty high on them trees
But I no longer do it that much
Because I'm taking care of business and such
But the trees they're still able to be found
Some get to stay up, others are chopped down
Turned into stuff that might help the world go round
Like I said trees are not always good though
Money is the root of all evil yo
But it sure does help you get what you like
Trees bought me a brand new bike
Now I can pedal down the street
Check out some of the trees that I meet
(Hey tree, oh oh I gotta pee)
Headboard to my bed, mom's chopping board, dad's wooden leg
I told him he should get titanium
He's old school sucks when it rains some

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