Okay is it rolling...? Okay...


Grab my terryfold flaps
Grab my flappyfolds
Grab my terryfolds
Grab my foldyflaps

Hey, touch my foldyflaps
Grab my terryfolds
Grab my foldyholds
Grab my terryflaps
In my terryfolds
Grab my terryflaps
You gotta touch 'em... my terryfolds

Grab my terryfolds
Touch my holdyflaps
Take a big flap
Take my foldyflaps (aaah)
My terryfolds (aaah)
My foldyholds (oooh)
And my terryflaps
Gotta grab my terryflaps

Grab my terryflaps
Squeeze my holdyfolds
Hold my coldyfolds
Grab my foldytolds :)
Grab my terryflap holds
Grab my terryfolds
Hold my foldyfolds :)
Hold my terryfolds

Hey, did you ever wanna hold a terryfold?
I got one right here (here)
Grab my terryflap
Squeeze it, grab it, squeeze and tug on my terryflap
Hey, I wanna take you to the terryfold dance
Wanna come with me?
You can grab my holdyfolds
Squeeze them tight, you son of a bitch!
Suck my holdy flappyfolds
Lick my flappy foldyholds
My terryflaps in your mouth
Suck my flaps you piece of shit! :)

Fuck you (fuck you)
You stupid dumb motherfucking bitch (aaah aaah) :)
Hey, grab my terryflaps
Gonna eat those toldyfolds

I gotta couple of terryfold flaps
I got a flappyfoldy flap
I'm gonna go take you to food
Gonna eat, then we're going to the terryfold dance (dance)
You and me
We're gonna go to the terryfold place :)
It's gonna be a night out
Gonna have a real fancy time

Um, I don't know, should I do it again?

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    General CommentI spent *far* too long formatting the lyrics to submit here, but it was worth it as this song cracks me up every time !! The :) smiley faces in the lyrics are lines where Justin Roiland laughs as he’s singing... it makes it easier to find where you are in the lyrics if you’re lost :)
    grenon January 16, 2019   Link
  • +1
    General CommentSexy backup vocals have never been this wonderfully ridiculous :)
    grenon February 28, 2019   Link

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