"Spinning Bottles" as written by and Hillary Lindsey David Garcia....
She's waiting, praying, that he don't drive tonight
She's pacing the floor, she's checking the time
Wondering how the glow with that porch light hasn't gone out
'Cause it's been on now for three days straight, his been nowhere to be found
Probably drowning in the neon, where the wagon broke down
She called up his mama and his friends in town
But they ain't seen him
Another night of no sleepin'

Round and around and around they go
Will it end? Nobody knows
She's all cried out on the kitchen floor
Spinnin' rooms, spinnin' wheels, spinnin' outta control
Spinnin' bottles, spinnin' bottles

He's in a hotel room with the TV on
Gettin' lost in the static with the curtains drawn
Knowin' this could be the time that gets her gone for good
He'd quit if he could
But one down, two down, three down, four
Can't even recognize the man in the mirror anymore

Oh, round and around and around they go
Will it end? Nobody knows
He's passed out on the bathroom floor
Spinnin' rooms, spinnin' wheels, spinnin' out of control
Spinnin' bottles, spinnin' bottles

This ain't a game
Nobody wins
Yeah, nobody gets lucky when that bottle spins
Again and again, again and again, again and again

So, round and around and around they go
Will this end? Nobody knows
Can't live like this anymore
Spinnin' rooms, spinnin' wheels, spinnin' out of control
Spinnin' bottles, spinnin' bottles
Yeah, spinnin' bottles
Spinnin' bottles

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"Spinning Bottles" as written by Hillary Lindsey David Arthur Garcia


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    General CommentWell, if Carrie Underwood wanted to tug at my heartstrings, she surely succeeded with this song. With the repetition of the word spinning, this song gives any listener the understanding that the lives of the people in the song are careening out of control -- I'm sure I'm not the only listener who literally started to also feel her head spin! The painfully real spinning bottles theme really shows us a glimpse into the life of someone who is suffering alcohol addiction, and the suffering that those around them go through. This, in addition to her very vivid imagery, made the story line real, tangible, and heartbreaking. The ending of this song, however, is definitely more ambiguous than the rest of the song. Carrie Underwood repeats that they're both in this experience together, going around in circles, but finishes the thought with "can't live like this anymore." Without any pronoun, there are a few things this could mean, but to me the main two are: the woman leaves the man or the man kills himself to stop the pain. My optimistic heart personally wants to believe the former, but from the heart-wrenching tone of the song, how can we be sure?
    ReonataOon October 10, 2018   Link
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    General CommentHearing the song “Spinning Bottles” for the first time, images and emotions will flow like liquor. Anyone living alongside someone with a drinking problem can related to “pacing the floor,” “checking the time,” and “Another night of no sleepin’,” and will no doubt hope their loved one doesn’t “drive.” The most powerful images “She’s all cried out on the kitchen floor” and “He’s passed out on the bathroom floor” are juxtaposed against each other in alternate choruses, emphasizing the pain fraught on each person.

    This song is lyrically driven and instrumentally subdued with repetitive piano chords that mimic the repetitive nature of drinking—bottle after bottle after bottle. A sparse sprinkling of piano notes creeps in before the plaintive, low strings build subtly toward the chorus. Never do you hear a bass or drums as they aren’t needed. The vocals do most of the work because it’s a human song about human anguish that asks the question, “Will it end?” and all too often the answer is, “Nobody knows. . . “
    carrie34on October 10, 2018   Link

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