[Intro: Mr. Lif]
I'm falling
I'm falling
Hear me out, help me out now

[Hook: Taylormade]
Everyday we pray
We pray, to save our soul (x2)

[Verse 1: Mr. Lif]
Well I'm sitting at my table now, hands crossed, blast off
Thinking about some opportunities that I had passed on
Hindsight is 20/20, thinking isn't helping any
Drinking will just serve to end me
Progress am I making any?
I'm not sure, cause my mind got blurred
By the things I chose to focus on and what I've observed
Patterns of my own demise that I enact in my life
I'm at the center of my own storm when things go wrong
Nowadays I pray for discipline, strength to be honest
Hope to never break a promise while enshrouded in my calmness
Hoping to accomplish all this requires skill, will, energy, determination
Plus some time for meditation
I try approaching life with ease
My steez is to appreciate the wind, the sunlight and the leaves
But for now I can't breathe, could you help me out please?
See me looking to the sky, while I'm down on my knees

[Hook: Taylormade]
Everyday we pray
We pray, to save our soul (x2)

[Verse 2: Mr. Lif]
It's been a bad day, got me feeling shook and I'm looking for
My emotions to stop the plots of this crooked war
Furthermore depression nipping at my heels and I can feel
The sentiments that I conceal, I'm wondering if I can deal
My appeal to a higher power was delayed an hour
Rallied up and took a shower, plus I'm hoping not to cower
Ever been so hungry that your eyes feel slumped in?
Fridge full of food but your soul craving something
Much more touch more thoughts through delirium
Strive to rise above the negative vibes and bury em
I can see the sun again, clouds start to dissipate
My spirits elevate
Here I go, I anticipate
Clarity ,epiphanies, motivation gripping me
A day of infamy for this one man symphony
Plucking at my heart strings
This could be starting, a spiritual departing
The visions of a scarred king

[Hook: Taylormade]
Everyday we pray
We pray, to save our soul (x2)

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