Speak to darkness in your lowest ebb;
only silence
there's no future, only past regrets
meditate on them

suspended in infinite blackness
so numb, agony is no distraction
contempt for life replacing sadness

Is this clarity or madness?
temporary energy and matter
the will to live is irrevocably damaged

a listless spirit wants to leave the world
sweet oblivion
vital essence grinding to a halt
we are all at fault

falling from the creaking rafters
pressure, so much worse than you imagined
burning, death's umbilica unravels

drifting from his sweet embrace
gasping for breath, staring in the grave
only fear, as what little light left fades

And on the pedestal, these words appear
"Look on my works ye mighty, and despair!"

Negated by the unbearable truth
all-consuming psychotic fugue
fall to a lightless self-destructive end
for there is a monster in the heart of all men

Hearken to nightmares of futility enshrined
in sleepless terrors born of the mind
and upon the horizon of the waking world
time stands still.

Damnation is our destiny
existence is disease
Our screams are the music of reality

Relinquish all your earthly bonds
and bow before the god of madness
let him untether you from pain
step outside the circle and be saved

Crippled by the triviality, the insanity of existing
A mockery; this master plan, crushed by the hand of fate

No solace in this hopeless cycle
at one with fear and the darkness
Attain mastery over shadow
purge trepidation from your heart

Your adversary is within, these mental chains are your prison
malignant love of your projected self; a toxic delusion

Chaos, decay, withering away
the sense of self, starting to fade

Lyrics submitted by TheImpalerTMX

Salt Thrower song meanings
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