I rip through the chains of Mars
Astride his mare and roan
(As) war bellows blazing free

That rock,
That vicar
And that flower
Today I'll put them to sleep

Your wings have risen up against my foes
And Your winds blow into my sail
And set me upon this path of burning thorns
That bends as the Devil's tail

Open heart
Closed eyes
Trembling hands tear apart the chain

What saint's decree
Can hold me back
Now that Your name is known to me?

"For Your chants to reverb on the walls of my mind,
Their truth diligently unfurled,
For the Living Death in grotesque glory to walk,
From my dreams into the world"

A bony hand
Upon my shoulder
Leads me from day into night

And from the void
Into the air
I follow you sleepily

From the air
To the sea
I follow you uncertainly

From the sea
To the earth
I follow you determinately

Through the earth
Into the fire
I follow you confidently

From the fire
Into the void
I follow you eternally

Within the godhead
Within the abyss
And from on high
I reach down into the world

I am thrust
Through the air,
Particle swarm,
Gaining speed,
Friction builds
I am perceived,
I go where gravity wills

The sky it yields
Before my fall,
An empty husk,
I am fulfilled,
And filled with rain
A falling moon
I neither wax nor wane

As fiery birds
Crumble and die
In the wake of wings,
Scorching aether,
I come along
I land in salt
(To be) neither psalm nor song

At grotesque speed
I break the glass
I am moved through,
Soul torn apart,
Blackthorn wreath
Lungs fill with brine
As I slowly slip beneath

A deep blue glow
Of endless chance
Sends up its hands,
Grasping claws,
Tendrils bore
Into my skin
(And) replace what was before

I am reassembled
Through witching love
Sirens call
And pass me by,
My ears burst
With the force of Death
That stills my endless thirst

It seems as though
The open sea,
Endless void,
Pregnant with rage,
Impedes my birth
Forever lost
I set my nails into earth

As I writhe
Over scaly stone
Coral of blood,
Exquisite pain,
There's not a sound
Awake I dream
That I'm absorbed in ground

I become aware
Of intense force
Choking my lungs,
Halting my pulse,
Drowning in mire
I pass, like night,
From soil into fire

I grasp and reach
For nothingness
A final death,
So loved not mourned,
A final test
A break of laws
At His enduring behest

Chaotic swirl
Of ravenous flame
Nuclear decay,
Dead atom-sphere,
Unleash hell
And from this point
Time has nothing to tell

Among melting stone
My skin retreats
Magnesium bites,
White storm of teeth,
Into my soul
Carbon to ash
I am swallowed hole

I fall into
The spaceless space
The timeless time
The endless end
Neither here nor there
Above or below
Into the night I go

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