[Verse One]
Everybody move, everybody up
Spit like a tommy gun, Tommy Chung
On a safari hunt for Barney Funk
What chick next to get they punani punk
Redman, the Brick Picasso
To the Mexicans I'm a ruthless vato
Out in L.A. selling weed and tacos
Even keep the Rasco inside the Waffle
House; one shot turn power out
I don't do biz I [?] out
Get your weight up or prepare for the drama
I'm never scared and y'all shake like Muhammad
Ali; I smoke the irie out in Raleigh
Beef and broccoli make me slur like Ozzy
Boy I'm grimey and still got my mojo
Y'all never rap like me, y'all flow So So
Ask Jermaine if I'm Def, call the po-po
Hit the Japanese go-go out in Tokyo
Tell 'em Doc is in the fucking building
Konichiwa, now give me all your shilling
Oops, the wrong country, I meant yen
I beat up the bouncer if he don't get me in
Four years ago I had the rims that would spin
When they were alloy before chrome was built in
You don't know about it cause you wet behind the ears
Still picking up your Easter clothes out of Sears
Boo biddy blah blah talking all hard
Where I feel I'm the new nigga stepped in the yard
D.O.C., get it C.O.D
Made the book on how to be a real MC dawg
I keep the shine, where my neck at
I need a loan from Jay to buy the Nets back
While you headcrack I'mma roll a double
My hands is hot I box with golden glovers
We bring the ruckus, you stay quiet
I.C.U. make you look like you on a diet
X-Box Counter Strike when I cross fire
My aunt still turn the TV with the pliers
Boy I'm ghetto, y'all in denial
Your weak ass style wouldn't make it one mile
In every [?] I'm the talk of the town
Cause with this mic I'm the crown of the underground
Everybody get up, it's not a drill
Cause my kitchen cabinet filled with no frills

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