This goes out to all the people who be losing they lighters and shit. Check it out

[Verse 1]

I had a dream of smoking 3 L's at one time
On the autobahn wit the lambo red linin'
Stoned like Sly and I'm climbin'
I keep bomb weed, but I stay with no lighter like I'm amish
Granddaddy, blueberry, rolled up ready
Check my pockets but I'm like hold up reggie
My lighters gone, who jacked me for my last lighter
I think that nigga Jeremiah, the cab driver
Maybe Suzi, that booji broad
Or maybe Michelle from sunset park
I paid 2 dollars for the fire, and when I do shows tell
Promoters that red need lighters on the rider
I'd be at the store like, you wanna buy more lights?
Yeah, wit a pack of backwoods and a coots light
Got a white chick from Wall street, she da whore type
She follow me all night around like I'm frank white
She coulda stole my lighter, [?]
I trust nobody, I'm investigating my neighbor
If It's black or green then It's mine, don't try to walk off wit it nigga bottom line, I'm on my second lighter


[Verse 2]

I got all types of lighters
Small ones, fat ones, cheech n chong on em'
Even one wit the Jacksons, Obama, weed plants
Even biggie on it, got Bluetooth, iPad with a TV on it
Nigga I'm a pimp when I'm flickin' the bic
Humphrey Bogart style, wit a blunt and a black n mild
That's why me and my lighter, we like the best group
She feel safe when I attach it to the belt hoop (true)
I keep it Cannon like Mariah
In my phone I got an app that says find my lighter
That's right bitch, you can stop faking it
Bic keep on makin' it, jerz keep takin' it
I love my lighter nigga, so when I ignite the sour
I get the pen and write fire wit her
You like your lighter? Then holla at ya bro
Sean Paul need a light for his video, I'm on my 2nd lighter


[Verse 3]

Ayo man, you got a light?
I said nah nigga, the last person i lent my lighter to
Ran off wit her
That's why I'm on high alert, like Wyatt Earp
And plus I need my lighter for lightin' my fireworks
I got one blunt, I got my own light
I smoke alone like, Nas need one mic
I ask DJ if he had [?]...he said
Freeway took it when he turned
I'm on my 2nd lighter


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