[Intro: Redman & Oh No]
Aw man
Ha ha
Ah ha ha
Oh No, what's good baby?
What up, money?
Redman in the building, baby
Ah ha ha ha ha
Let's Go
Yeah! Ow! Yeah! Uh!
Funk Doc up in the building
Yo, Oh No is in the building
Ay, pass that {video game sound}
Break 'em down

[Verse 1: Oh No]
Let's go!
Yeah, break 'em down
Hey, where's your street fighters?
We run the globe and fly just to get higher
Look, I'm like Cali wind 'cause I blaze fire
The terrorizer right beside ya
Sizin' up them riders that think they get live-r
Y'all ain't live-r
Y'all chumps dead on arrival
I'll roundhouse you soon as the sound goes (final)
I go psychosomatic, damn it [?], it's my goal
Might go [?] automatic, it damage ya life
So, if anybody wanna come test out the Ox, watch
I'll put a big scar on ya chest just like Sagat got
Let my second hand grab you in the hot box
And throw you all into the door lookin' for more knock
Knock-knock, it's Doc No and the Funk Doc
Brick City, Ox City runnin' this spot hot
With Capcom, I'll cap off til' they cap's off (bam)
Cap pull [?], like a caption, then smash off
Get 'em
Hell yeah

My crew don't fuck around
We'll lay you down
It can be any around
The clock is movin' now
We'll lay you down
You can hear the sound
My crew don't fuck around
We'll lay you down

[Verse 2: Redman]
Yo, now I'm hittin' emcees like ar-yu-ken (shoryuken)
In the Cadillac where I rock my music
N--- (record scratch) with an attitude, boy I'm ruthless
All in the hood, baby, actin' stupid
Boy, you're useless
I keep {video game sound} greener than Blanka
I lay 'em on they back til' the clock is time up
Yeah, you wanna fight, then line up
It's like Terminator lookin' for O'Connor
It's not for minors, it's only for the pros
Oh No, hit 'em high (Ay yo Doc, hit'em low)
I can smell beef when I walk through the door
That's why I carry the 'K like I'm solo
Yeah bro, you want problems, I'll give it to ya
And run back, tell ya block what I did to ya
Put ya ear to it, and get stomped out
Street Fighter, boy, nobody pull guns out
Let's get it


[Outro: Redman & Oh No]
Oh No
Yeah Yeah
(Record scratch) Nine
Yeah, yeah
(Record scratch) Eight
(Record scratch) Seven
(Record scratch) Six
(Record scratch) Five
(Record scratch) Four
(Record scratch) Three
(Record scratch) Two
(Record scratch) One
(Record scratch) You
(Record scratch) Lose
Funk Doc, Oh No in the motherfuckin' building
Let's get it
Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Blaow

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