[Verse 1]
Your pretty fine baby hoping you'll be my lady
Maybe we can meet back at my spot and get a little crazy
Devil's not inside of me he’s now in you
You want a taste of heaven boo come and step in my shoes
Deep in that pussy and I got you screaming
Releasing your inner demons nails in my back
And all of the scratches bleeding
I hear you begging and pleading
While I be cummin' deep inside that tight cunt
I watch your twat leaking hot semen
All your critic's thoughts they really are irrelevant
I'm rapping for the hell of it I’ll stomp you like an elephant
Avoiding other motherfuckers like I’m celibate
Because if this is the hip hop game then I’m not a part of it
“Truth is Skippy your just too ruthless”
If that is a fact jack I’ll be dropping deuces
Sick of you fagets getting hurt when I’m spitting dirt
Run your mouth bitch and I might show you how this Glock works
Like clockwork every tick tock
Just another body dropped in a grave in a vacant lot
Behind the trees inside the darkness of the boondocks
Where they'll never hear you scream never hear the fatal shots

[Verse 2]
Phantom version of the son of Sam
Holding a handgun in the alleys of your town hold you for ransom
The illegitimate son of Charles Manson
But I got you all the deceived
Because my looks come off so handsome
I murder shit up on this microphone going ape shit
These razors in my palm are giving you a facelift
My fans all love my fucking music they embrace it
Cause they know I’m working hard
And I won't ever stay complacent
True psycho like I’m Norman Bates
Out back of your house blacking out
I got this big roll of duct tape
I'll take my blade to your slut face now you're getting raped
Little cupcake pound ya till my nuts ache
I'm spitting magic mouth rotten like I’m a crack addict
If you got a problem with my lyrics you a whiny faget
Ill grab your mother leave her smothered
Strapped down to the mattress when I’m causing havoc
Like a savage leave that pussy ravaged
You know you're really not that different from me
You got a monster deep inside you, you don't want them to see
Cause it lives in breaths, beckons to be free
But you won't let it ‘cause you're scared
Of how these twisted feelings might seem
Tell me really who’s the sick fuck
The one like me that lets it be known
Or the one like you that keeps it bottled up
Until it boils over then erupts and you black out and lash out
And now you're lying in cuffs, you stupid fuck
I'm more strategic with my crimes
When it comes the time to strike again
I clean up all evidence that they hope to find
My train of mind lies beyond the reach of rhyme or reason
Started when I was a younger man
And life had greater meaning
And now I'm leaving them bleeding with wounds seepin’
I’m creeping through they hallways at night when they all sleepin’
I’m fiendin’ to leave another body lying leakin’
It’s intriguing how vastly I can have this bitch weepin’
In terror screamin’ I’ve gone off the deep end
No rhyme and no reason
This is the season of the reaping
I’ll fight to the death and I’m feeling you’re the weakling
I sink my teeth inside and taste your blood
It’s time for feastin’

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