Soon as I send them it they Farrah Fawcett the new Mrs.It they ripped my Dick like Georgies arm out of its socket now im on my George E. Elder she downloaded my Alienware App now all she wear is my Alien Ware on Crack looking like my Limelight green trashcan that holds the futures seeds in her ass a Profit like Money Mag App on a cleaner scale clicked up with Forbes 100 limted edition where the single pages sell more then companies with big clientel they wanted to give me a hand like Wrong Turn part five its a Link to the future but I told them im not down for that ride like Rodney O and Joe Cooley they dont gear me tho like the Sheriff with no ear folds call me that brown Hollywood Hills building thats about to get darker what beautiful view like the Eastside Parkers why Hitler be using Colin for a reference in Rap Fraud? Because he is riding big blacc donk to the end like before the math and beyond muthafucca hates niggaz to me and many with that networth why Detroit still half empty? Why I be rapping for more Michigan and Detroit Producers then him? That's a real hater pass the mic we got the salt just from the plight-I got the Harry Kane on Tottenhammel for they Wife-they shoe size-fit me just right-no wonder why-they don't like-me and my kind-is it the lack of sleep at night-or the divorce price?-or is it I got Pornstar skills I rip it and lay it on her spine-West Ham hard as a muthafucca until the Moonshine goes blind-from the Caveside-where no bats want to reside-the way I do Blacc Harley and white-I make them hoes feel free-like Liberty scenes-in the NYC-from the Deep East-Avenue C-matches Brooklyn Cesar Chavez and Riggin Street-Garfield Ave to the Garfield Ave-like Broadway was the Green Island center stage-Bayview windows just to see the Ocean Ave like the gas mixed with the Brook on Lean-be careful eating too mant ready backsyou might eat poison from a Redback-like a Preying mantis and throw up brown shit-after all poison is brown shit-I couldn't work in a foreign Women's Prison-I get raped by the bitches-I get the same treatment when I go outside with the ocean's fishes-they so wet we all swimming-I still can't dry my linen-it's Killa California King of Heart's waterbed dripping-it's not cuzz of the gilateen incision-I be on that ratchet shit-something meek-send it to my rivals in the music industry-look at the Twitter timeline and on SM and be rollin in your leaks-mang those comments sho sound unique-let's save the tax payers less money-open up the Internet Portal and Sataellite T.V in prison so mental Inmates ain't funny-less tax ayers money-spent on mental health and pills-that means less taxes and less bills-Pornhub would really take away stress and tension-less tax payers money spent on heart attacks from Hypertension-I got my Markland Drive lighter in the bacc-to keep my sacs lit while I puff on gas-we so fly Hillside the birds is still the Bluejays-bad hoes filled up on horny toad by the estate-all I'm missing is a boat and a lake-they try to label me GIM G.I Murder-I be like jealous lames with a motive will label you anything when hurting-punks try to call shots but nobody heard ya-same reason you won't be calling shots just for the wanna be nerders-who frame the real AB Turferz-I'm Old School not this new Peter pays Paul stuff-bacc in the days you get killed for smelling like some coconut-that's just cuz-you ate a Almond Joy-not a all man joy-why Jimmys Group doing the "Live Like Where Dying" theme song?-the Jive is felt on there label with some Spice no 1 the motive for some of them they so wrong-I know they got fat like Kristy Allen tryna say they Biggie Smalls-but how you ain't got one hit song-that I haven't already shitted on-Ima raw ass Pornstar to many bad hoes I'm sitting on-Fabrege Egg Girls you know who they are no riddle pun-Fucc Every Gorilla until it's little gone-what is this world coming too look at these new month stats-the biggest U.S massacre in Vegas and the hack-of Equifax-people are getting hacked to death losing info and vitals-that's a bad combo like Identity Theft Super Viral-I got the power 2 quarter pounders-that's 2 Pornstarz on my Tooty pounder-laced with E Coli rest in peace Hugh Hefner-who showed cats how to get dat magical Great Western-no Forums could atest superb-red and blue big eye-Captain E.O on the moonwalker skies-now Hef is cloud hoppin with Playboy bunnies on cloud nines-guided by the Third Eye-with Marilyn Monroe by his side-just like at his burial site-while Barbi reminisses about the JJ Good Times-like the Golden Carrot sticc on dynamite-Yoshi's big ole pipe-leaving hoes crosseyed-but they can't miss the boss swipe-no need for the cross sights-or the evl cross signs-the Roc Pile Jesus still gets crucified-right off the top of the pop-the Pringle Tower's don't stop-the Little Chinatown Great Wall of China Walnut Grove Ave bend-protected by the Gatekeeper Yoshi the Big Dragonhead-Greatwall of China means GOC-gawk and stare at the great masterpiece like the clocc-like the Sandman's Watch-watch the hourglass as the sands drip like the tocks-as we hustle on the Gas on Go and Brooklyn hella lot-I got it craccing like the strip on Baldwin Ave-the Santa Anita traccs extended just like my Uncle who did them like a Sav-in the bacc-of his van-with the Trojan's under the mat-on the dash-just ask Tom about that-I think he even ate they ass-Stomach Cancer the cause of death and to many Budweiser beer cans-and Marlboro and Bensen Hedge's cigarette paccs-my freaks love my Japanese blacc-Mamba with Kobe fat beef on these sacs-I got the Masterkey to they ass-like Alumini in Sac-because I grw up at ELAC-who needs Carolee Shield's when you got Boyle Heights and Mc Donald's from front to bacc-like Floral Drive and Collegian Ave-to Atlantic Blvd to Walnut Grove in the bacc-I rose the brook with the rush-like Delta Yard jaccin off like a Pornstar to bigg butts-the Great Wall of Fame like it's Walnut Grove Ave cuzz-I do it like the Webb Institute a real Original Trapstar-I picc 2 Major Record Deals then Gangsta Trap bars-you see them fine Femcee's love to ducc Jay-and tap like the bumps on the keyboard letters F and J-the way they freak a J-like a Abf cane-I always got pussy on pecc hoverin on me-like Peck Road Park a Bluebird on my shoulder with briccwall feet-I love to drop it in they box-they be on that AG Entertainment like Dropbox-I make there cocc-pop locc-like Jumbo Jacc In Da Boxx-with 2 fat taco's on hot-fresh out the Hellraiser's Box-point proven I got the hottest head on cocc-molten lava roccs-is they daily Java Job-they the New Oracle Mob-on my Script of God-as I drop on them the Toot Bombs-I make her can soar-sign don't gotta be Cancer-until she sweet like Dungenees crab she don't want no moe-Westcoast Gangstar Girlz for the Hill will locc-for my Ball my D, then win they would pop-they wanna En Pappilotte this luccy Koi Fish-and make 309 they everyday 4ever dish-step in the ring-you gonna need more then a Royal Rumble Tag Team-cuz I'ma Old Fool that's Old School and so cool just ask Chelsey-Clinton Little Siberia-dig in ya like David Spade and whomp there ya went-and poof there we went-bacc to Da Woods no recapturing-Original Trapstar bringing out the captured men-feeling free Pornstarz on the horny Goat Weed out the Trap of Men-straight to the claps of sin?-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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