"I'll Still Destroy You" as written by and Matt Berninger Aaron Dessner....
It's so easy to set off
The molecules and the caplets
They all have something against me
Nothing I do makes me feel different

This one's like your sister's best friends
In a bath calling you to join them
Can't avoid them
This one's like your mother's arms
When she was young and sunburned in the '80s
It lasts forever

The more level they have me
The more I cannot stand me
I have helpless friendships
And bad taste in liquids

This one's like the wilderness without the world
I'm gonna miss those longs nights with the windows open
I keep re-reading the same lines always up at 5am every morning
Like a baby

It's just the lights coming on
It's just the lights coming on

I have no positions
No point of view or vision
I'm just trying to stay in touch with
Anything I'm still in touch with

The sky's getting white
I can't find a lighter anywhere I'm going crazy
But I'm not crazy
Put your heels against the wall
I swear you got a little bit taller since I saw you
I'll still destroy you

It's just the lights coming on
It's just the lights coming on

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"I'll Still Destroy You" as written by Bryce Dessner Aaron Dessner

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I'll Still Destroy You song meanings
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    My InterpretationI think it's about medicating for mental illness, maybe ADHD (I keep re-reading the same lines). I don't know if he's medicating legitimately, or if he's self-medicating (I tend to lean toward self-medicating), but it doesn't really matter. This song is exactly how I felt on Adderol, which is why I don't take it anymore. I'm trying to stay in touch with anything I'm still in touch with.
    jason11627on September 23, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationIncredible song, definitely one of my favorites from this album.

    This song plays a key role in tying together the concept, and giving us a glimpse into "The Beast" that Matt refers to throughout.

    The song begins with the lure of drugs: "It's so easy to set off, the molecules and the caplets." Life's difficulties make escape and numbness to everything appealing. The next several lines in each verse describe the effects of each drug to him personally, "This one's like...".

    Throughout the album we see signs of a struggling relationship, and escalating means of drowning out the pain. In Walk it Back, the speaker realizes that he's gone too far, and "better cut this off," putting an end to the behavior that will end in collapse. However, here we see that being sober isn't any better for him, "the more level they have me, the more I cannot stand me." So there seems to be an internal struggle where the only means of escape from life's problems is also out to destroy him. It's a loss either way.

    This is where I believe we learn about "The Beast." Throughout the album, it represents an overarching evil in our world. He's losing grip on life, and everything he knows is falling apart. Losing love, losing parents, losing expectations and hope in society as a whole is leading to a realization that the world we live in is a sham. And ultimately, everything is working to his demise.

    However, even in the bleak circumstances described, the speaker still has a sense of hope. "It's just the lights coming on." Here we see a rare and explicit reference to change for the better. Here, "the light" doesn't reference a solution, but rather an understanding. He now sees through the lies, and knows what he's up against. He's conscious of the beast that's controlling and destroying him. While he doesn't have an answer yet to defeat the evil against him, he has a very real confidence that this can be accomplished. Even in his worst moments, "I can't find a lighter anywhere I'm going crazy," we see his ability to see through the lies, and ultimately gain confidence and hope, "But I'm not crazy...I'll still destroy you."

    The title of the album "Sleep well beast," is a reference to such confidence. He feels like he's got an upper hand, and, although an underdog, he's got the means to beat his enemy. An enemy who's resting easy and unsuspecting.
    clarchitecton October 07, 2017   Link

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