It was back in Little Bend that I saw you
Light was changing on the water
Where birds above had flown
There was pain in your eyes
So you vanished in the night
Missouri River in the distance
So I lied upon the lawn

I remember walking against the darkness of the beach
Love is like a ghost in the distance, ever-reached
Travel through the night because there is no fear
Alone but right behind until I watched you disappear

I'm moving through the dark
Of a long black night
Just moving with the moon
And the light it shines
And I'm thinking of a place
And it feels so very real
Just moving through the dark

Once I had a dream I was falling from the sky
Coming down like running water
Passing by myself alight
In the morning, I would wake to the sound of summer falls
Like little whispers through the signs

I'm moving through the dark
Of a long black night
And I'm looking at the moon
And the light it shines
But I'm thinking of a place
And it feels so very real
Oh, it was so full of love!

Come and take my hand, babe
There's a turn in the road that we've been taking
Let it set you free
'Cause there's a rhythm in the way that we've been moving
Yeah, there's a darkness over there, but we ain't going

See it through through my eyes
Walk me to the water
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Love me every night
Drown me in the water
Hold my hand and there's something turning me
See it through my eyes
Love me like no other
And hold my hand and something turns to me
And turns me into you

Lead me through the light
Pull me from the water
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Turns me into you
Just see it through my eyes
Love me like no other
Hold my hand and something turns to me
Turns me into you
Turn in me
Into you

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Thinking Of A Place Lyrics as written by Adam Granofsky


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    General CommentThis is such an incredible, moving song. I've probably listened to it over 100 times and it is as close to perfection as any band could ever strive/hope for. What stands out to me in particular (without knowing exactly what instruments the band used) - are reverb, harmonica, pedal steel guitar. It truly amazes me how someone can write something so beautiful on paper and work with a group of truly gifted musicians to transform intensely private feelings into a song. That is not an easy thing to do, as it must involve revealing very personal thoughts. I will never really understand how it is done, and that's ok because I like that mystery. Mr. Granduciel's voice is so many things to me - haunting, ethereal, poignant, striking, and aesthetically stunning. The sheer amount of work the band must have done to make this song sound the way it does just represents an outstanding dedication to art - there is nothing easy about making music like this.

    I have never written any song review, been listening to music nonstop for about 35 years. There are so many songs, yet only a few can move me the way this one does. I've only been to a handful of concerts (not into crowds) however if I ever got the chance to see them, I would go. Thank you for making this extraordinary music.
    silverspaceshipon September 22, 2019   Link
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    General CommentAt first listen it reminds of the lyrics Peter Gabriel might have written ages ago with Genesis on the double LP "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
    I like the sound!
    Check it out. It's well worth a listen!
    Macfrmon October 04, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationIn the first verse Adam describes a place he adored in the past and still cherish. He met a special girl there who interested him in a strange way.

    In the second verse he continues describing his experience of that magical moment.
    The girl had something mysterious in her way of being that kept him at a distance but he didn't mind because just looking at her was already too much.

    In the following chorus and verse he describes the effect she has on him; all his thoughts seem to fit in place since he is with her.

    In the fifth and sixth verse he acknowledges she is the answer to all of his doubts and uncertainties.

    To me these lyrics express the way a special individual can affect your mental state. I think a person can only influence someone this dramatic when he or she is truly on the same emotional and mental level as you. I think you can only understand this when you know someone that special.
    PlaceCalledTomorrowon November 18, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThis songs isn't defenitlely not about a girl of a love song. Adam Granduciel said in an interview that he has panic-attacks. They come suddenly, and gives him the worst attacks possibly. It gives him so much stress, and this is the darkness he had to deal with sometimes. Anyone who isnt't familiair with these attacks (as in: you didn't had them), doesn't understand how 'dark' this is. 'see it trough my eyes...'

    But he has overcome these panic attacks. Something lead Adam Granduciel trought the light, pulled him from the water.

    It's a very sad song, of someone who had to overcome a hard period. Someone who was moving through the dark, but now can finally see the sun again.
    Karlkarkon August 30, 2019   Link
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    My InterpretationI've always interpreted this incredibly gorgeous song to be, pretty straightforwardly, about the equivocation of love and place. All of the memories we have of love, of something real and true that once knocked us off our feet, are attached to place – it is hard to even think back on the moments in which we felt true love without thinking about the place that gave birth to it.

    The memories Granduciel sings about in the first verses are such places, and they are offset against his present, which is dark (hence impossible to get one's bearings in) save for the moon and its guidance to something better. The key, to me, is found in the titular chorus line: "I'm thinking of a place, and it feels so very real".

    As someone who's traveled across the world to be with loved ones more than once, this is such a poignant line. This act of imagining real love as something coinciding with – perhaps only possible within – a particular kind of place one has imagined – is such a vivid, melancholy, desperate, yet life-affirming thing. The music brilliantly mirrors this double feeling of sadness and beauty.
    sam1047338on April 14, 2020   Link

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